How to Paint Over Dark Wall into Bright Colorful Interior

awesome dark living room idea

Painting over dark color into bright color needs some steeps. These are steps we need to do before we can turn the wall into a bright one.

Having dark interior can be great and make the interior feels cozy. The dark interior can make the space feels warmth too. For those living in the northen or southern side of the earth, we may need dark color to add warmth in the room. (Phsycally).

However, when you already has dark wall for years, you may want to change into brighter color.

awesome dark living room idea

But with dark wall, we need to make sure that the paint doesn’t change color due to the dark botom. So, the steps would be:

It works not only for dark wall, but also fo another brighter wall color. Smooting the wall surface can make the wall look much better when painted.

yellow living room idea

  • Painting the dark wall with white primer

If we want to change dark wall into lighter one, paint the wall with white primer. It is better and is suggested by many. However, if we want to paint dark color over light or vibrant color, we need to cover the wall with gray primer. The use of white and gray primer is to make the painting easier. Without the primer we will need to paint two layers of the desired color.

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Dark color will mute the white or the lighter color painted over it. As the opposite, white hue base can make the vibrant color less bold.

soft green bedroom interior design

  • Rolling the paint in M or W

The important reason for doing this, we don’t allow the paint lines to be visible when tha painting dries. And, we can add another layer of paint to the visible former dark paint.

Dark color actually is a great color to create cozy comfort area. This color does not allow us to wake up easily in the morning anyway. But, if we apply the color in a space where we want to relax, it is a great color.

However, there are cons in using dark color.

We need 2 coats of paint to cover it with brighter painting. We have explained about it just at the above articles.

Dark color tends to make the room hotter in the sun. Moreover, sunlight causes more fading or the fade is more visible.

neutral light gray interior design

Using dark room in a beach house maybe is not a good option. However, There are plenty of spaces that can be painted dark. Living room to bathroom can be painted in dark.

Dark paint is just paint. We can re-paint it again.

luxury white bedroom idea with plush rug

And if you want some lighter shade for your home, you can try to use white wall or light gray wall. However, there are some bright, vibrant colored interior we can use as inspirations here.

We can paint the interior in yellow, blue and other vibrant colors. A home office can be built to face bright living room. The home office itself has dark wooden wall but the desk faces the yellow living room.

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amazing yellow home office and living room combination idea

This living room is luxurious and has cream wall color. However, darker brown color is needed to highlight the vases on the wall.

how to brighten dark interior idea

A kid’s bedroom usually is bright and colorful. There the sky blue color makes the bedroom looks vibrant. And with the wall arts and polka dots in bright colors, the room just gets brighter.

soft sky blue girl's bedroom idea with polka dots

Some bright living room needs dark accent even though not from the wall color. The dark hue can come from furniture like this blue sofa.

ellow living room with pink coral armchairs

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