Hygge – What is Hygge and How to Hygge the Home?

cool Hygge interior design

What is Hygge?

In English, we should pronounce the word as ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah.’ This word is from Norway and is a term for wellbeing. As for interior, we could translate it into Cosiness or togetherness. We could, however, because this word can’t be translated into a single word in English. It is like great moments from good bath into comfy sleeping. It is more like the enjoyable moments in the morning cofee time with scented candle lit nearby.

How to Hygge the home?

  • Add candles

Cablelight maybe the easiest way to transform a room into an intimate room. And if scented, the ambiance is just getting better.

A candle in the dining room in the winter or at the living room can add some hygge ambiance inside.

cool Hygge candles idea
  • Add texture

Soft fabrics and textured acn be combined to add layers to the interior. And, and interior with multiple layers usually looks better than one with just 1 or two layers. The different textures are sure to add different depth and experience.

  • Use you favorite more

To make an interior hyggeligt or hygge-like, we need to add more or use more of our favorites. Take a longer bubble bath or put your favorite picture on the wall. Virtually everything that can raise our mood is worth to be enjoyed.

  • Hygge is best experienced with friends

At nights in Scandinavian countries, hygge can form in the gathering near a fireplace. It is time when family and friends are around a fireplace and drink gløgg (mulled wine). We can get similar moment by cooking with our family.

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Hygge also means to cheerish others. We can test our baking skill and take the creation around to friends or relatives. Then, indulge together in a hygge spot.

Hygge-with-friends dining room
  • Practice old hobby or get a new one

We know that this is a sugestion for anyone to overcome getting borred by daily routines. New hobby can be anything that you think you love to do. Then do it and have fun with that.

We also can practice old hobby or something that you love in the past. But you are not practicing it anymore.

Getting a new hobby is as interesting as practicing old hobby. We can have new, refreshing moments when we are doing these activities.

Hygge old hobby practice Amara
  • Don’t rush on anything

It seems very difficult to do right? We have a lot of to do list written in small paper in our pocket. This is life but we need to take a brek. We need to enjoy the moment we have just now. Try to take a bubble bath just 10 minutes longer. Or, try to enjoy the last bits of our dinner and enjoy the cup of coffee that we have made. Just try to enjoy some more in the life.

  • Hygge is not about impressing guests

But, to make them enjoy and never want to leave. Hygge is about to make them comfortable in our space and share the joy. Yes, and never about showing and demonstrating. It is about creating a laidback feel.

Cool Hygge interior design living room
  • Enjoy the spaces in the home

Any room in the house should be a sacntuary for what is the purpose. We need to place anything we love in there. And, we need to place what we think is essential to the room.

  • Hygge is for every day

Cosiness is not all related to winter. And if we ever mentioned a winter nights somewhere in this article, it doesn’t mean that only in winter we can enjoy Hygge. We can bring our dinner in the garden. Or we can make our barbeque in the garden with friends or family.

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cool Hygge interior design

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