Ideas for decorating furniture with vinyl

The choice of furniture is one of the most complicated. When we open the floor we have many doubts and we do not want to make mistakes, so we spent a lot of time thinking about what furniture is best for each room. Once the decision is made, the years pass and we continue to fall in love with them, although it is true that sometimes we get bored of their appearance and we innovate.

One of the innovations that we can carry out has to do with decorative vinyls, because thanks to them we can change the look of any piece of furniture in a radical way. You do not believe it?

Vinyl for a chest of drawers
What do you think about the idea that each drawer is a different color? It may be that the fact of painting the drawers one by one does not seduce you, but the thing changes when one has the possibility of modifying the color through the vinyls, since its application is much simpler and the result is spectacular, among others things because we can save aesthetic problems like those that cause stains and imperfections in wood.

vinyl-chest of drawers

Vinyl furniture for children
A children’s room can benefit from the freedom offered by vinyls in various ways. One of them has to do with children’s vinyl for children that we can hook into children’s furniture to create a thematic room in which children will feel very comfortable. Do you want examples? Dinosaurs, flowers, animals, sports like football or basketball … The possibilities are almost endless.

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Vinyl for the kitchen
The vinyls can also sneak into the kitchen, specifically the furniture that serves to store everything you need. One of the ones I like the most is the one that shows the cutlery and it is stuck right in that part, where are the spoons, the forks and the knives. It is an original and practical way to tell your guests where you can find them.

Vinyl for the bathroom
The fun should not only be present in a children’s room. It can also manifest itself in the bathroom, especially when there are children at home. That is why the furniture can be decorated with vinyl of certain themes, as is the case of the classic ducks that children like so much.

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