Ideas on Making First Apartment more Grown Up

amazing modern apartment with cool natural headboard by Dorsey Designs

After leaving a dorm room and starting a new life in an apartment, we are sure want to make the new space has much better feel. We want to leave any memory about mini fridges, white boards and so on behind.

The first apartment is the first place some of us can get when we work for the first time.

Sure, we won’t splurge on anything fancy in the apartment. But still there’s something we can do to make it better.

So, these are a few ways on how to make first apartment more grown up?

It is sure making the apartment look much better and look much grown up. It is sure that fabric curtain wil make the apartmenent more polished and more stylish. No adult would use plastic for window treatments anyway.

wonderful apartment ideas with fabric curtain by Sugar and Charm

Sugar and Charm

  • Use Headboard

Headboard is a step up for the entire bedroom style. It is now a must have item and as a grown up, well almost all apartment has bedroom with bed and headboard.

It is also possible to get a headboard nice enough to look at like shown below. A natural headboard like this may not be imaginable to be used in a dorm room.

amazing modern apartment with cool natural headboard by Dorsey Designs
Dorsey Designs
  • Use Colors

Making the apartment more vibrant than standard would be great for either first timer or those who have lived in a few apartments before.

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We can use colorful, accent furniture and wall arts. We don’t have to paint the wall of our rented apartment. But still, we can use removable wallpaper or decals if necesarry.

Colorful-studio-apartment-living room by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
  • Use Artful Rug

Artful rug can define space as well as decorate the space. Use the artful rug to add more layer to the interior. In such calm interior like shown below, a vibrant rug is a very nice addition.

how to make apartment interior more grown up by adding layers by Amber Interiors
Amber Interiors
  • Go bold with style and color

For small bathroom, we can use bold wallpaper as wall covering. Use the removable version so we don’t need to fix any paint on the wall once we pull the wallpaper out.

A bold wallpaper can add character to the space. We can create a spacial ambience with bold wallpaper.

how to make apartment interior more grown up by using bold wallpaper by Erin Gates
Erin Gates
  • Use nice wall arts

Wall arts are easy way to decorate any interior. Vibrant wall art would make the apartment cheerful. We can DIY the wall arts and we dont have to buy them. These below wall arts are amazing and are not quite difficult to replicate. Well, we may need some shop that can make the frame for us the the pictures themshelves can be made of anything. Painting, printing and anything else.

Making first apartment more grown-up-by using-wall-arts by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
  • Use pendant lamp

Pendant lamp is a great statement of style. Instead of using a standard bulb for lighting, use something much more attractive to look at.

Here, the star-shaped pendant lamp is a great fit for the dining area and the window seating.

Modern-apartment-style-for grown up by Dorsey Designs
Dorsey Designs
  • Make the bed really comfortable

We may want to invest for comfortable mattress, pillows, linens and throw pillows. These are something we really need after going home from work. Using comfortable mattress also makes us waking up fresh for the day.

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The price may be higher than standard mattress but it is the time now. We have left the college so it is time to work hard and and have a really nice sleep too.

modern-bedroom-interior-design-with-comfy-mattress- A House in The Hill
A House in The Hill

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