Ideas to decorate with wallpaper

Ideas to decorate with wallpaper


Wallpaper has become the great alternative to painting. It does not stop gaining followers and the truth is that it does not surprise us, it already offers advantages such as being able to access designs of all kinds with which to give a plus to the decoration of all the rooms of the home.

In this article we are going to share ideas for decorating with wallpaper, so take note if you want to get the most out of it.

Wallpaper on furniture

Yes, we can also use wallpaper on furniture to completely renovate it. If you are bored with the appearance of any of the pieces of furniture that you have at home, know that you can give it a new look by resorting to a combination of colors, a geometric design, or a beautiful vintage pattern. That is why it is not uncommon to find wallpaper in the kitchen, since we can subtly decorate the furniture, and there is even the possibility of daring with the refrigerator. Everything is a matter of imagination.

Wallpaper in the children’s room

The wallpaper looks great in any room, including the room of the smallest of the house. You can create an atmosphere in which they feel very comfortable by placing themed wallpaper. Examples? Animals, sports, plants, dinosaurs, the characters of your favorite drawings … The possibilities are almost endless.

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Wallpaper for a tropical bedroom

When the weather is good, you want to surround yourself with good vibes. How to do it? Transforming the decoration. In the case of a bedroom, it occurs to me that you can give it a tropical twist by betting on a wallpaper of palm trees and exotic motifs that do not have to cover all the walls. That can become very ornate, so it is probably enough to do it with a wall, the headboard being the most appropriate for it.

Wallpaper that conveys joy

What do you ask of your home? Surely it will be a haven of peace where joy overflows. For that to happen you will have to do your part, but you should also rely on the decoration, which as you well know is capable of modifying our mood. In that sense, you can turn to a floral wallpaper design with bright colors to soak up optimism. Pink, blue and white tones are perfect for that task.

Wallpaper for the bathroom

As it could not be otherwise, the bathroom is also a room that tolerates the installation of wallpaper, although it is true that you have to make sure that it meets the necessary characteristics, since it is usually a humid area with little ventilation that It could damage the wallpaper if it is not prepared to withstand such conditions. If you dare, you will not regret having replaced the tiles with this type of paper so widely used in interior decoration.


Traveler wallpaper

You like to travel? Who does not! If you carry the wanderlust spirit in your veins, you should consider the possibility of having a world map mural with which you are sure to have things clearer when planning your next getaway. It is a decorative theme that is very fashionable and the truth is that it does not surprise me.

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Geometric patterned wallpaper

If you want to get it right, go for wallpaper with geometric patterns. You choose how pronounced you want them to be, knowing that they will combine wonderfully with furniture made from vegetable fibers such as bamboo, plants and natural textures that convey so much warmth.

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