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We can have this problem in the house. We can clean the house anytime but the house still looks cluttered. Living in the same space for years, we can accumulate stuffs and start cluttering the house. However, it is much better to have a space with no clutter. We are sure feel better and the space feels much more comfortable.

However, it is not stuffs only that can cause clutter. Some inapropriate placement of anything can cause the room to be cluttered. And. it is important to make the design looks clean too instead of looks busy.

We are not about to share tips on how to declutter the house. We just want to share some tips to make an arrangement of a house much less cluttered. It is not a tip pack some clutter and donate them or sale them. No. it is just how to appropriately arrange things to make a space looks neat and clean.

Tips to avoid home looks cluttered:

Hanging curtain high and wide is what we can find in any design blog. The wide and high mean that we need to hang the curtain wider and higher than the windows. A few inches wider that the wall. It expands the look of the window.

Floor to ceiling curtain also expands the windows and the size of the room as a whole.

  • Clearing countertops

Countertops actually are not storage space. Countertops are more for working space like for cooking. If we have a blender we only use every 2 weeks, we don;t need to put it on the counters.  It is much better storing anything inside the cabinets and let the countertops clean.

  • Use mirror to reflect sunlight

Mirror and sunlight are great elements we can add in any room. The relfected sunlight can make the room brighter and feel less cluttered.

In a dark room, mirror gets more important. Dark room feels more cluttered than white room, even though the furniture pieces and the stuffs are the same.

At nights, we can use floor lamps at the corners and use light-colored furniture pieces.

how to avoid clutter by reflecting natural light KatarzynaBialasiewicz-Getty Images
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz-Getty Images
  • Hide cables and cords

hiding clutter tips tricks by hiding cables cords with DIY baseboards

Cables and cords can cause incoveniance look and feel. More cables means more clutter in the room. Hiding cables can be done by using special cable lines inside the wall. However, it the wall is already built, we can use clips the keep wire behind a furniture. Also, we can use flat wire and paint it just as the background color. Or, Use special boxes to conceal cables and other items like router.

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  • Don’t try to push all furniture againts a wall

It is more convenient to have the furniture at least a few inches space from the wall. The illusion to the space would be better since there’s no “dead end” at our sight lines.

If we talk about ideal space, there would be at least 3 ft walking space and 1 ft space between a furniture and wall.

avoiding clutter tips hiding cables

  • Group the collections in three on display

And no more. We have collected a lot of ceramics and accessories during the years we live in the house. But we don’t need to display anything on the table at once. We can group our vases of 3 but with different colors and sizes.

avoiding clutter tips grouping on 3

  • Use the right-size rug

We need the furniture to be at least 2 ft away from the end of the rug. So, it is important to cover adequate floor area with rug. We son’t let small rug to “float” in the room.

how to avoid clutter by using right size rug

  • Leave some black wall space

Blank space in the wall can make the room feels larger and less cluttered. We need to leave some space on the wall. Even empty shelves can help to give uncluttered impression.

Making an interior less cluttered is not that difficult. These tips are good ones and can be tried in any home.

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