Living Room Decorating Tips and Tricks

Living Room Decorating Tips and Tricks Anna Palmer

These living room decorating tips and tricks to decorate a living room with beauty and personality. These are not merely about picking colors like the previous post. But we have a general tips on how to make a living room stand out among other living room.

So, these are some living room decorating tips and tricks

Mixing modern furniture with vintage furniture can make the living room looks wonderful. It is sure the contrasting style of the living room makes the real statement.

The sofa, the longe chair and the fireplace make the interior as a whole looks so amazing. There, the straight design of the sofa is combined with the vintage purple fireplace with gold mirror that have meticulous details.

And as the living room below. the contrast also comes from the color too. Modern color lika dark brown is combined with vintage color like gold.

Interior tips mixing modern and vintage Nicole LaMotte
Nicole LaMotte
  • Separate the living room from other spaces

Anna Palmer is the designer of this living room. This is the second living room in her house. There, the room is clearly separated from the kitchen by using recessed wall, color and rug. The living room is then becomes a distict room in this open space.

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Living Room Decorating Tips and Tricks Anna Palmer
Anna Palmer
  • Add pop of colors in monochromatic living room

Adding splash of colors in monochrome living room can add charm and beauty to the room. Black and white interior is a timeless interior. However, having only black and white for the living room is sure boring.

So, we can use the monochromatic color as a base for adding another colors that are vibrant and interesting.

living room ideas monochromatic living room with vrbrant accent Jessica Stone – Persona Abode Interiors
Jessica Stone – Persona Abode Interiors
  • Make the interior simple

Simple interior design is easy to create and looks wonderful. It is afar from messy. This living room is alrge but the colors used in this place are mostly from the same shade. Howver, there are orange accent color at the ceiling too.

Modern simple living room design tips Kibre-LTD-Dominic Coleman
Kibre-LTD-Dominic Coleman
  • Accentuate the big parts of the interior

White interior design is cool and elegant. It is a great base for any other decorations. And there, in the below living room, white wall is used to make a clean backdrop for wonderful accents.

The high windows of the room are painted in black. The windows look amazing and become the fiocal point in the living room. More, there’s a rattan sofa that exudes warmth ambiance in the room. But, neutral colors seem not quite interesting. So, the designer adds a yellow TV stand and really makes the room attractive.

Modern living toom idea with black french windows Steven Payne Maison Architecture & Design
Steven Payne Maison Architecture & Design
  • Use statement decoration elements

This below dark living room looks so harmonious in design. The wall’s gray color and the upholstery color seems have similar shade. However, we a focal point in a living room as well as balancing elements. These elements are what we need to connect any part of the interior.

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This below living room has coffee tables with different height and look pretty cool. The tables also come in different tones that add warmth to the room. Furthermore, there are two orange chairs that are well placed there and trees to get the impression of the high ceiling and exude more relaxing feel.

modern living room tips for using coffee table and tree Sergey Krasyuk
Sergey Krasyuk
  • Paint neutral color for the living room and add pop of colors later

Painting a living room with neutral color works well with this living room. Also, adding a splash of color can also make the space vibrant and wonderful to look at.

And if we want to decor our living room this way, it is easier to do. The pop of colors we add in the room can be swapped with other shade without flush.

Once we need to washh all those pinky pillow covers, we can use green pillow covers or blue as desired.

Modern calm living room with vibrant color accents Design By Jo Bee
Design By Jo Bee
  • Use large rug which is larger than the furniture

If we use rug small enough at the middle of the room, the look of the living room is awkward. Ideally, we need rug that is larger at about 2 ft from the furniture legs.  It keeps the furniture in place and looks much better.

living room rug tips idea Emily May Interiors
Emily May Interiors

There are some tips and tricks for decorating living room. Basically there are a lot. But at least, we also try to cover the dos and donts in interior decoration in our posts regularly.

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