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Normal indoor humidty levels and how to maintain them at home

Humidity is very important to our overall health. Furthermore, humidity also very important for the health of our home. Low humidity can cause painting to deteroriate.

The ideal level of humidity should be around the level of 45%. Any level under 30% is too low while humidity above 50% is juta too high.

How to measure humidity?

We human can measure humidity by natural. We can feel it. But yes, we are not always sure wether the humidity is higher or lower than necessary. Especially when the level is not too high or too low.

But there are a few signs we can use to know wether the humidity in out home is ideal or not.

  • If the humidity is to high, windows get fog and condensated. Moisture and mold occur on wall and ceiling
  • If the humidity is low, millwork and paint are dried and cracking. Moreover, there are more static electricity visible or caught up.

However, measuring humidity by looking at the effect won’t help anyway. There’s no specific action we can take to overcome the situation.

How to overcome low humidity?

Winter has the big potential for low humidity. Cold air holds less water. To makeit worst, we also turn our heater on. If the heaters use forces air heating, the water vapor is gone during heating.

The low humidity has bad impact to our electronic devices, furniture and also to our skin and hair.

They are dried out. The paint chips and the wood cracks.

If this humidity is really important for us, we need tool, Something we can use for make an action.

We need something called humidifier.

But first, we need device like Awair Glow to measure the humidity (and temperature). So, we can plug a humidifier directly onto it and gets the humidifier works automatically when needed.

Awair Glow - Air Quality Monitor

Awair Glow – Air Quality MonitorBut as always, we can add humidity manually. If the humidity gets low, we can use this “natural stone humidifier.”

Actually, adding water moisture is easy. What we ned is just putting water, in a container, in front of a radiator. The simple way would be using wet towell and let the towel dry in front of the radiator. But this technique is not cool and is ugly to look at.

As the replacement of the towel, we can use this “natural stone humidifier” from amazon. It costs very low and the design is cool.

Collections Etc Natural Stone Room Humidifiers
Etc Natural Stone Room Humidifiers

This portable humidifier is a flexible unit you can put on the floor or table. The size is quite small and the water needs to be refilled during 24 hour. Portable humidifier has 2 types, warm mist and cold mist. The cool mist uses wick to absorb water. The fan then blows the filter and its mousture to the room.

The warm one uses heater to heat and disperse water to the room. But as other portable system, a portable room humidifier is not quite strong in performance.

Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier
Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier

If you like a more, much more powerful option, get a whole house humidifier. We can put the whole house humidifier directly to the furnace and gets the water vapor distributed via the heated air.

As an automatic system, this whole house system has to be connected to a cold water source and has space for humidifier. There is a device called “humidistat” or the one like “thermostat” that controls the humidity level.

This whole house system is the most capable system for humidification with best capacity and consistency.

What we need to do if humidity is too high?

As the opposite, there’s something we need to do when the humidity is too high.

Some regions can have pretty high humidity. The result would be condensation on the windows, making wall and wood wet and rooting any woodwork.

Dehumidifier, hysure 700ml Water Tank Mini Dehumidifier Portable for Damp Air
Hysure 700ml Water Tank Mini Dehumidifier Portable

What we need to do is basically reducing the amount of water vapor.

We need a dehumidifier and turn the humidifier off. Dehumidifier works well in basement or during the summer.

We can use fans when cooking or bathing.

Simply open the windows when the outside air is dry and fresh.

Reduce the number of plants, cooking with covered pots or venting clothes dryer outside.

Also, you can use “energy recovery ventilator” in a tightly constructed house.

Humidity that is too low or high is not comfortable. Moreover, it can destruc parts of our building too.

Proper tools then are needed to overcome the situation. We need to be health as well as our home.

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