MASS versatile chair

Today we have to talk about a chair. A chair that has nothing simple, although at first glance it seems. It has been conceptualized, designed and developed by ITEMdesignworks for Sellex, a company specialized in furniture that has not hesitated to add the MASS model to its catalog.

The art of simplicity
Its design is timeless and we could say that it does everything possible to go unnoticed. This is because of its fine and elegant lines, the same that we usually find in all furniture that aspires to become the perfect piece of minimalist decoration.

It is sophisticated and functional, as it fulfills a thousand wonders with the most basic thing that we ask of any chair, and on top of that it can be stacked taking up very little space. In fact, it really weighs little and that facilitates its transport.

In short, it is a proposal capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding, so we should not only consider it as a very good option for home, but has many possibilities when filling work spaces and meeting areas.

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