Models of youth rooms for small spaces

Are you looking for ideas to decorate a youth and small bedroom? Below, we show you 18 great models of youth rooms for small spaces. They also include different solutions to gain a few centimeters, perceive it more broadly and organized.

Colors that best suit small spaces
Light tones with color accents

1. Light tones are the great allies of small spaces when they are used as a base on the walls, these help to perceive more light and make it look wider than it is. Therefore, it is recommended that you inject those boring tones such as white, beige, or gray, for example, to achieve this effect. The good thing about these neutrals is that you can combine them with any other color, they are very versatile and allow you to highlight any other color or colors that you include as a decorative accent, giving life to the space. It is best to include one or two of these colors for a small bedroom.

Warm colors

2. Warm colors for a small room can overwhelm them, for example, imagine a room painted red or orange, it will also look smaller than it is. But there is the option of achieving the perfect balance with softer or muted ranges such as rust red, for example. These intense colors can be added as a decorative accent, using as a base some neutral hue to balance the space.

Dark Tones

3. So also, for the boys who prefer a small and dark bedroom, you have the possibility of adding ash gray or even black in one of the walls and compensating that absorption of light with bright metallic elements, artificial lighting or mirrors that maintain harmony between luminosity and small space.

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Youth Furniture
Choosing the furniture in the small and youth room is also important. Keep the bedroom as functional as possible so that they have space to move around, only with the furniture they need. If possible they are manufactured in lightweight materials, similar colors and simple design. Visually it will look much better and you save a few centimeters.

Where to locate the bed

4. The bed area is the center of attention of the bedroom. This portion of space is very useful when decorating. Put it against the wall, so you will gain space in the ground area. The bedroom will look bigger. Similarly, include on the headboard the decorative elements most valued by your children, for example, paintings with their favorite artists, a shelf with trophies or ornaments that represent their hobbies.

High Bed to Gain Vertical Space

5. Place a high bed in the small youth bedroom so you will use the lower part for different uses. Here extra space is added on the first level as a wardrobe and as a study area.

Additional Furniture

6. A desk to study and some shelves to organize books are usually indispensable for young people. Group everything related to studies in an area of ​​the bedroom so the space will be more functional and practical. Adding a long table against the wall may be enough to work, to accommodate desk supplies and incorporate some additional books as we see in this small environment.


7. Similarly, for the work or study area, you can use the wall to include a nice perforated panel with hooks and shelves. As we see in this image, accent tones in black, green and pink are incorporated.

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8. A large wardrobe helps hide the mess and keep the bedroom clearer. To get some space organization, include baskets or boxes for smaller items. The glossy lacquered furniture finish helps make the bedroom look brighter.


9. A tidy bedroom with all things in place will look wider than it is. Here we see a wardrobe with different types of organizers. You can sort and separate small items or smaller objects in boxes. As well as others you can add more organizers that group shoes and other necessary and visible clothing.


10. When storage space is needed, what better idea than a bed with low drawers. The position of the bed against the wall and some decorative cushions can also serve as extra seating for friends

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