Modern Natural House for 3 Families with Movable Walls

corrugated metal house desihgn idea Nishizawa-Architects

This modern house is a natural and modern house built for 3 families. The design is so natural since they want wo use local materials. To accommodate the needs of the 3 families, the architect removed the wall and replace the wall with movable wall. And unlike the old wall, these walls are made of corrugated metal wall.

A home with multi family use may need something that can accommodate the families. In Vietnam, Nishizawa Architects have removed interior walls and replace them with movable corrugated metal walls.

The replacement creates half outdoor interior for the family.

These movable partitions are the ones that create half outdoor interior in the house. The wall also can be opened providing the views of the treetops and breeze.

The internal walls have been removed and make the interior as a whole looks open and interesting.

3 families house with movable wall Nishizawa-Architects
  • Concrete and wood interior idea

This open concept house design has wonderful mix of style. The wall is made of concrete while the beams are exposed wood. The entire style looks so natural.

At this ground floor, there’s a dining area with amazing wood floor, wooden dining table and stools. In this place, a dinner can be done in the romantic ambiance of nature. And, beakfast can be refreshing with the garden nearby.

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cool natural outdoor dining area design Nishizawa-Architects
  • Shutters that open to the paddy’s field

The top floor probably is the most relaxing space in this house. It has large shutters that offers wonderful distant view. The shutter is a great addition that provides great view to the distance paddy’s field. Having such scenery is relaxing. This house is a great home with beautiful nature view.

corrugated metal house desihgn idea Nishizawa-Architects
  • Natural and locals materials

The interior design looks as though all is made of wood. Well, it is almost true since some parts are made of bamboo making the interior still looks so natural.

And not only about the material, the design also looks wonderful. The open design provides breezes inside. Furthermore, some planters and plants make the interior looks even more enchanting.

impressive natural house design idea Nishizawa-Architects
  • House with butterfly roofs

This house has butterfly roof. Actually, 3 buildings with butterfly roofs. Such design will add beauty and can let more view and breeze inside.

modern 3 families house with movable wall by Nishizawa-Architects (1)

modern 3 families house with movable wall by Nishizawa-Architects (2)


modern 3 families house with movable wall by Nishizawa-Architects (3)
modern 3 families house with movable wall by Nishizawa-Architects (4)
  • Garden for the ground floor

This home has garden for the first floor. The size of the garden is not big but looks beautiful. The garden uses small potted plants and flowers which are quite practical.

modern house with corrugated metal movable wall Nishizawa-Architects
  • Beautiful kitchen with view

The kitchen in this house is amazing. It has similar rustic style just as the other parts of the house.

The shelves are made of wood with cabinetry made with corrugated metal doors.

Modern house with movable wall by Nishizawa-Architects

Just like what we see in the picture below, this house has almost open design for the entire part. The movable walls provide view and flow from one room to another. The concrete wall is cool and the wooden beams are attractive.

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modern natural house for 3 families with movable corrugated metal wall by Nishizawa-Architects
  • Ground floor interior garden without wall

At the ground floor, the house is designed to be open space too. And different from the upper floor counterpart, the ground floor almost has no wall and doors. The flow from one corner to another can be done easily.

And there. there’s a wonderful stair with beautiful wooden steps. Every staircase’s size is not tall and can be climbed easily. The staircases are also wide enough so the stair as a whole is long.

And below the stair, there’s a dining room / dining area with long wooden table.

natural home design with corrugated metal wood and garden Nishizawa-Architects
  • The shutter and the butterfly wing

This shutter and the butterfly wing is a cool one. This configuration brings the view and breeze inside without any disturbance.

shared home with movable wall design Nishizawa-Architects

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