Modern Seating for Workspace and Restaurant, Bold and Elegant


Modern seating for workspace and restaurant, bold and elegant

Office furniture design now has evolved. The furniture made for office use is now getiing bolder in design. The color is not quite formal in black and gray anymore. There are green, orange and yellow options for the office furniture.

The Capri Lounge Chair


Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, The chair wins the red dot award. That’s an award for design. This chair is not quite an ordinary chair. It looks comfortable and seems perfect for long hours work in the office.

The rear part of the seating seems deepr or lower than the front side. I can imagine that this chair would cradle us comfortably for hours.

A calm office with modern vibe can try to be a little bit more fancy. The swivel armchair above is brown. But it is light brown and looks more enciting than the dark version.

For anyone wanting a much more fancy styling, the blue uplhostery version of the chair is so amazing. The color is bold and can be a much better alternatif for an office chair than a black upholstery version.


Nuez Collection


This Nuez Collection by Patricia Urquiola is a new way in supporting the joy of dining. The product comes with personality and engages with the owner and users.

The design is simple yet elegant as well as colorful. This chair (and stool) also is a perfect chair to be used in a dining room or in a restaurant.

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The chair comes with amazing back design and thick padding. Eating may not take a lot of time but it is always better if the seating and stool are comfortable.

The Dado Sofa


This Fancy yet elegant sofa is the first collaboration of Andreu World and Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli. The main character of this sofa is its simple modular design. Also, the shape itself is subtle yet really beautiful to look at.

With such modular design, it is easy to use the sofa anywhere from public space into private space in living room. However, such design also looks so amazing to be used as office seating. Put one in your lobby area and your guest would be happy waiting for a few minutes for you.

Now, the design of an office furniture and private furniture has been blurred. We still want the elegance, the style and the calm of a traditional office furniture. But, we also want a design that can adapt to our recent taste for something more cheerful and energizing.

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