Nursery Room Tips and Ideas

awesome-white-black-serene and stylish spacious nursery room Holly Nicholls from Jenson & Beau

Bedroom is the place where a child spends most of his time. From playing into sleeping. In this bedroom, the design has to consider the personality of the children as well as the functions of the room.

Furthermore, a nursery room shloud be designed in peaceful ambiance as well s with timeless design.

The serene ambiance is useful to have a nice rest. And, the timeless design would ensure the room to adapt to the growth of the baby.

White and airy rooms are always better as a start. We can add colorful details to add warmth and colors.

A monochrome color is trend now but is not quite easy to get done right with such color.

Other elements would be stylish storage box and small, fancy storage baskets. The room itself also has to be spacious enough for playing.

awesome-white-black-serene and stylish spacious nursery room Holly Nicholls from Jenson & Beau
Holly Nicholls from Jenson & Beau
  • Tranquil yet vibrant nursery room

Spacious and airy nursery room with soft color can bring peaceful ambience. The nursery itself is big enough in size. The baby will get enough space for playing when she grows.

In such caming nursery, it seems important to create an ambience of fun and vibrancy. The pink curtain there bring the nursery room into live as well as the coral curtain.

Amazing pink-trenquil-peaceful-nursery-room by Emma-Green-Designs
  • Nursery room with natural touch

A serene nursery room can be combined with natural touch to make it earthy. This nursery room designed by Amber Interiors is a great example.

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wonderful nursery room with fabrics decoration
Amber Interiors

The high ceiling and light colored wall make the room feels spacious. The light-colored wood floor is cool and warmth. But the rug adds depth to the space and natural touch. The wooden furniture pieces with the natural color make the nursery room feels so earthy.

Airy Nursery Room with Fabrics
Amber Interiors
  • Simple white playroom idea

This playroom is white and also looks serene. The table and chair set is white and looks clean. The dresser is small and has flat drawer surface thet looks smooth. As a whole, this is a cool Scandinavian-style playroom / nursery room.

And as a playful touch, there’s a ladder with lights that is used to display clothes and doll.

scandinavian style playroom idea
  • Simple bright and colorful nursery room

This nursery room looks bright and cheerful thanks to its color combination. The room itself is simply painted in light gray wall color. The wall is not white and adds a little bit depth to the room. The floor is made of dark rug with beautiful and modern pattern. The crib is made of wood and exudes warmth and welcoming ambiance. There, the wood color adds richness to the nursery room.

As a colorful nursery room, the colors of choise do not have to be too vibrant. Green can be bold color and can be interesting too.

stylish bright colorful nursery room idea Nikole Ramsay, Photographer
Nikole Ramsay, Photographer
  • Serene nursery without theme but beautiful decoration

This pastel blue nursery room is a beautiful nursery room. The pastel blue wall color adds peacefull ambiance as well as the beauty.

And the great thing about this nursery room is, it doesn’t have any theme. However, there are plenty of decorations in the room that make the room beautiful.

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The first decoration is sure the wall painting. The second would be the wardrobe that comes with the same painting. The bedding set comes in yellow and looks as great combination. Moreover, the wall, ceiling and floor are accented with yellow color that comes from pendant lamp shade and toys.

soft pastel blue peaceful nursery room idea

As a bedroom for baby, it seems better to make a nursery room feels serene, peaceful. The baby can grow in a wonderful room with neutral ambiance.

However, a vibrant nursery room also can make the nursery more enciting for the baby. It encourages the baby to be more active and energizing the parents too.

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