Original stools with cloud shape of candy

Do you want to give your home a cheerful and fun touch? What do you think if you include in your kitchen or in any other corner of your home a piece of furniture inspired by one of the best-known and richest sweets in the world? We are referring to the Marshmallow stool, whose shape is based on marshmallows, also known as clouds or sponges, among many other names.

Created by German product designer Paul Ketz, this stool looks very appealing, although you can not eat it. Do you want to discover more details about this curious piece? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss any of what we tell you next!

Inspired by the game
To create this stool that seems too tasty to sit on, Paul Ketz has been inspired by the value and power of play. It is a piece of framed steel that is covered by a soft foam seat that mimics the appearance of a candy cloud. To create the stool, the foam is injected from the bottom of the steel structure and freely expands upwards and over the edges.

Each stool is unique
It is important to bear in mind that for the creation of each of these stools no mold is used, so that each seat is completely unique. On the other hand, we want to comment that thanks to the firm but flexible nature of the foam, it is a very comfortable seat.

As tempting as the stools in the shape of macarons
These stools are almost as appetizing as the Makastool that we showed you some time ago, and that caught our attention for having the shape of macarons. Then we leave you with our gallery, where you will find more images of these original Paul Ketz stools. Do not miss it!

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