Pita Daybed

You may never have considered it, but you may need to put a sofa bed in your life. We do not say it, but the Mexican studio Peca, who says that “a sofa bed is the furniture that all space needs, even if it does not know it”. In fact, they propose a design that can fit perfectly in all kinds of spaces and that can be combined with different styles.

We are referring to Pita Daybed, a furniture made of wood that invites you to take a break. Would you like to discover more details about this piece of furniture? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss any of what we tell you next!

Stop the passage of time
As they explain from the study of Mexican design, the subtle lines of Pita Daybed invite you to take a breath, close your eyes and stop the passage of time. This piece of furniture is made of oak wood and is turned by hand.


Cylindrical cushion
Special mention deserves the cylindrical leather cushion that adorns this sofa bed, which is what gives the furniture its name. And it is made through the piteado, an artisan technique of some towns in America, where the fiber of pita fiber is embroidered on the leather in decorative patterns. In this case, the pattern simulates droplets of rain that fall. If you rest your head on this cushion, the rain will take the weight of the day.

Padded with geometric shapes
As for the rest of the quilts, they have geometric shapes, which you know are very fashionable at the moment, and are of different shades of gray, a color that is also a trend this year. Then we leave you with our gallery, where you will find more images of this sofa bed

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