Small Atrium Design Ideas

small atrium with seating

These small atrium designs are wonderful and are wonderful inspirations for anyone. Having atrium in the home can add airy ambiance and natural light. Moreover, an atrium can be made as a place for relaxing too.

However, small homes still can have atrium too. It depends on the design of the atrium itself. And now, there are some small atrium design ideas we share here.

This home actually is large and has a very large garden. The atrium however is still agreat addition there. This atrium brings the garden closer to the interior. And for anyone who want an atrium, this design is sophisticated to be replicated. The atrium is small, has white pebble and small bamboo trees. This atrium is minimalist aside of its beauty. The design is clean and provides a see through view thorough the minimalist interior.

amazing small atrium idea with open garden view

  • Small atrium with seating bench and tree

This small atrium is a wonderful atrium with seating. The space seems to be a small space between 2 main buildings. However, designing such space as atrium can make the entire house looks more relaxing.

And not just about relaxing ambiance, the atrium also comes with beautiful twisted seating bench. The atrium like this is beautiful to look at. Small enough to build but can provide full functionality as larger atrium.

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small atrium design idea with seating bench

  • Multilevels house with center atrium design

A 2 or three floors house can have an atrium to make it more wonderful. A two floors building tends to have dark first floor since it is quite difficult to channel the sunlight inside. However, this atrium proves to be an invaluable  asset. It directs sunlight to the first floor and gives the rooms adequate lighting.

And as for the atrium itself, the design looks simple. The atrium is reactangular in design and has a few tress and boulders decoration.

small atrium design idea

  • Wonderful atrium at a corner

A small corner can be made as atrium. This corner is a beautiful addition to the entire house. This place is an open space since the begginning. So, creating a garden and atrium was a great thing to do. And as the design, we still can make such an atrium in small space. Maybe we need a smaller tree.

small atrium design ideas

  • Wonderful small atrium with seating

This atrium is small yet really beautiful. The trees there can provide shading to the seating bench area. The atrium’s design itself is simple. The floor is made of grass with a few geometric pavements. Such atrium can be created at a corner of a house or somewhere between building. Such small space can be designed to be more functional as well as more beautiful.

small atrium design winth small trees

  • Small square atrium with outdoor dining area

This below atrium is a beautiful one with spacious and relaxing dining area. Introducing garden to the interior itself is already a great thing to do. But there, the outdoor dining area is really wonderful. The pantoon chairs are amazing and rhe round table matches perfectly.

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However, there’s a shade above the dining area. It maybe useful at day. But at night, the ambiance should be romantic.

small atrium with seating

  • Small atrium without wall

This atrium is a small one but with amazing design. The trees are complete from small to relatively tall tree. This atrium has no glass wall so breeze will also enters the house freely along with natural light.

But, the design of this atrium seems to be connected with its interior surrounding. The floor around the atrium is made of wood and looks as natural addition to the small garden.

small atrium without glass wall

  • Living room with minimalist atrium addition

Maybe, what we need in a living room would be just some space for relaxing. This atrium is a great addition to the entire living room. The living room itself is minimalist in design but it doesn’t matter. The atrium next to it is amazing and spacious as well as relaxing.

small living room with atrium idea

  • Beautiful small shaded atrium

An atrium with shading may not too good for bringing natural lights inside a house. But, the atrium can be used as relaxing place.

wonderful small atrium design with gravel

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