Small Bathrooms Get Bigger – How to Decor?

small-bathroom-with-sliding-door-by Shades of Blue Interiors

How to make small bathroom feels bigger? Or how to decorate small bathrooms to make them feel bigger?

There are plenty of solutions. We already have covered some in previous post. But still, these tips are still really useful and some, are not quite common to share even in the internet.

The tips are:

Sliding door can save some space. Yes for sure. At least, we dont. need to provide an empty space behind the door. And as for styling, this sliding door also is unique and fun. A ructic barn door like shown in the photo below is wonderful and can warmth in this modern bathroom and bedroom.

small-bathroom-with-sliding-door-by Shades of Blue Interiors
Shades of Blue Interiors
  • Use non traditional curtain

Use curtain that looks better like a drape. Plastic curtain maybe waterproof but drape will make the bathroom looks more stylish and sophisticated.

  • Use bathroom fixture with storage

Using bathroom fixture with storage adds better value to the furniture. And, sure, a multifunction furniture saves space too.

And as for the design of this bathroom, the wooden bathroom itself is amazing and looks so natural. The log ceiling beams look so cool. Well, the ceiling for this bathroom is high. Actually leaving the bathroom more spacious.

Small bathroom hacks with fixture with storage by Ricardo Labaugle
Ricardo Labaugle
  • Adding a ledge to the bathroom

A ledge can turn into a shelf and would make storage easier to do. We can store small bathroom essentials there. Toothbrush fit nicely on a ledge and also soap or a bottle of shampoo.

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A ledge / shelf is a storage space where we expect to store and reach small things easily. Having a ledge in a bathroom makes things feel a little bit better.

small bathroom ikea-bathroom-hacks-with floating-shelf- ledge by Yasam Stil
Yasam Stil
  • Built-in vanity is not quite needed

We can use a vanity like shown below instead of buying a built-in one. The big, bulky vanity may not be necesarry while can provide ample storage space. On the other hand, a vanity with slim design can provide a sense or airy space.

Hacking small bathroom with built-in vanity by Jenna Sue Design Co
Jenna Sue Design Co
  • Use unusual materials or patterns and decoration

Using a brass shower would make the bathroom look and feel unique. The color is sure doesn’t blend with the white bathroom. However, the brass can give tha bathroom an accent color to make it looks

Small bathroom decorating to make bathroom feels bigger with unusual design elements patterns by Elements of Style
Elements of Style
  • Use big mirror

Big mirror can reflect almost the entire bathroom. That way, the space feels bigger and much more spacious. And if you like to make the mirror placement efficient enough, put one at the end of a wall. At the narrow side. If you like to put the mirror on the wide side, you need to put a much larger mirror.

Small bathroom design and decor for bigger feel with large mirror by Erica Yeaman
Erica Yeaman
  • Never block windows

If you need privacy, you can opt for tinted glass instead of clear glass window. But windows should not be blocked and the sun light can enter the bathroom. Well, the point is to keep our privacy while at the same time let the natural lights in. We can use some other options rather than blocking the windows.

small bathroom design with windows for view by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Sarah Sherman Samuel
  • Use more mirrors

Already have mirror? sure you already have. But instead the mirror we already use is big, we need more mirrors. Yes we neeg to “add space” with the mirror. But we also want a better decorative items by using mirror.

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small bathroom hack with adding more mirrors by Maison De Pax
Maison De Pax

Small bathroom can be made comfortable. The bathroom furniture we choose and the decoration items we use are important. Some of the above tricks are not quite common but the trick does pretty well. So, whenever we are ready, we can decorate our small bathroom to make it feels bigger.

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