Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

small bedroom with accent colors Photo Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design

Apartment owners may wonder, why the room that is expected to house large furniture like bed and storage can be so small. So, our options would be squezzing the size of the bed and using small storage and maybe, not using a nightstand. Is that true?

However, there are plenty of benefits for small bedroom. We don’t need any furnishing and adding seating in the room that we don’t really need. We also do not need to decorate the space for any accessory we actually don’t need.

And now, some tips from designers on how to make a small bedroom cozy.

Pushing the bed againts a wall is good. But placing the bed at the middle of the room can make the flow of the room feels better. We can access the bed from both sides.

small bedroom tips with center bed layout photo by Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design
photo by Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design
  • We can paint the small bedroom dark

Small bedroom actually is not limited using white painting only. Painting small bedroom with navy blue can be so interesting.

small-grey-bedroom-design idea

However, there’s one thing to remember:

  • Bring plenty of natural light

Natural light is a key to make a room feels fresh. It is the easiest and most comfortable way to make a small bedroom far from feeling dark. Painting dark wall doesn’t mean that the room has be felt like a cave.

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At night, we can use chaldelier and pendant lamp to make the room bright. Also, we can add task light or accent light to create and ambience.

If the small room is painted dark, we are sure will need more light. Dark paint willl make the room feels darker and at night, we need a little bit more light.

  • Bring color accents

Some people just can’t stand having a neutral-only bedroom. All white bedroom looks terrible and we need to bring some color accent into the bedroom.

And, it shouldn’t be that difficult. A colorful wall art can help as well as colorful rug. Well, if you are not sure yet, start with black and white combination first. We can start from the rug and add more colorful layers later.

Having colorful bedroom can give more fun than having only white or black colors. Vibrant colors make the room vibrant too. And, we can add colors by adding colorful wallpaper and rug as well as other accessories.

small bedroom with accent colors Photo Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design
Photo Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design
  • Bring normal-sized furniture

The point is, we can have a bedroom with full functionality. That’s a comfort. We can have a space with full functionality that gives us some freedom. Small table would add another restraint in small bedroom. Small chair also is not comfortable. We need a table to get our job done and we need a chair where we can sit comfortably for hours.  Another restraint will be just irritating.

small home corner design with functional chair Alicia Murphy placed - Arne Jacobsen Egg photo Morgan Ione Yeager
Alicia Murphy photo Morgan Ione Yeager
  • Bring an illusion of space

We can use curtain / drapery and hang it from the ceiling instead of hanging the curtain from above the windows. Once we see the curtain, we tend to see into the tiop side. And it expands our view a little bit.

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small bedroom tricks with high curtain Photo Christopher Dibble for Max Humphrey Interior Design
Photo Christopher Dibble for Max Humphrey Interior Design
  • Bring out clutter

Cultter won’t be healthy for small bedroom as well as big bedroom. We can have space gain with bedroom without clutter. We don’t need another storage, we don’t need another table and so on.

small bedroom with clean-looking design by Reddymade Design Photo by Ball & Albanese
Reddymade Design Photo by Ball & Albanese
  • Bring large accessories

Area rug is one of the most important in a small room. We can use area rug that fits all the floor and even a large bed canopy. The unexpected design would look wonderful.

  • Bring outdoors in

We can use small plant and pot for a small bedroom. The bedroom would be more fresh to look at and feel.

Also, we can store vertically too anything we have in the room.

modern bedroom with small plant Dan Fink
Dan Fink

Small bedroom doesn’t have to feel small. Instead, we can make the small bedroom feels bigger by making the room fully functional and looks wonderful.


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