Small Living Room – How to Make it Looks Bigger

Wonderful small living room with hanging chair by Emily Henderson

As for a small living room, we always ask ourself  on how to make the small living room looks bigger.

There are some tricks that can make small living room feels bigger, The room should be completed with anything efficient enough and featured by multifunction furniture.

And for those who want to know, some of the tricks would be:

As for small living room, the word cozy equal to arranging the seating into intimate. That way, we can use plush seating, soft rug and comfy sofa that would make us relax.

small cozy living room design by Sugar and Charm
Sugar and Charm
  • Choose a big sofa and other big furniture pieces

Well, in a small living room, small coffee table would make the room feel even smaller. Having one big sofa that serves us well is much better than using small seating that is not quite comfortable.

The same formula works for table or other furniture. Choose one or two big furniture pieces that we use a lot. We will notice the difference when we use it.

  • Adding hammock chair

The hammock chair is for those who want to relax without sacrifacing the space. Hanging chair is slim and eats up small space compare to traditional seating with the smae comfort level.

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Wonderful small living room with hanging chair by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
  • Us all white color for wall, floor and ceiling

And use some accent colors for furniture, rug and other fabric pices. Why? White color is brightest and would be best to make small living room felt spacious.

Beautiful small living room with white color and green accents by Erin Gates Design
Erin Gates Design
  • Add vibrant colors

Vibrant colors in small living room help to build our mood. And if the living room is dark, we need more colors to make the living room cheerful.

hacking small living room with dramatic vibrant color addition

  • Use light-looking curtain

Either the material is light or the design is light. But light-looking curtain blends better in small living room.

Light curtain also means that the color is light. Beige is light but it is better not to go overboard into brown.

  • Hang curtain higher than usual

If we already have light curtain, we need to hang it high enough just above the ordinary. Why? Sure it is to add height to the living room.

  • Use big rug that covers the entire floor

It is better? Well yes! We can have a continuous experience from one end to another end.


  • Use Ottomans

We need a coffee table that also can be used as seating. Guests will come and we need more seating. Also, ottoman is a good choice for decoration too. We can purchase ottomans with colors that blend with the living room or look vibrant. Ottoman is a decoration item.

wonderful small living room with ottoman coffee table

  • Maybe, It is better to use 2 smaller coffee tables than 1 big coffee tables

Depending on your needs, two coffee tables would look more compact. Also, each can be used separately when needed.

  • Use multifunction furniture

It is clear that multifunction furniture saves space. We always can opt for a sofa with built-in table. We also can but table that can be used as dining table.

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multifunction white sofa table design

  • Place furniture at the middle of the room

Pushing furniture to the wall in some cases may not be good. Instead, we can place main furniture at the middle of the living room. That way, leaving empty space just behind the furniture. It makes the toom feels larger.

  • Artwork can be used to expand view

Wall arts and artwork can be used to expand our view. In small living room, you may think that it is bussy. However, we can use artworks to expand view to the ceiling.

  • Use low furniture

We would like to free the view to the ceiling. So, we can get low sofa. However, it is possible to add pillows for lounging and make the seating a little bit higher.

So far, we have heard so many tricks in making small living room looks bigger. However, we also hope that the tricks above would add some new tricks to what we already know.

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