Small Three Stories Loft Interior in Black and White

small loft house living room design

A small, 344 sq ft three levels loft house can be so amazing with its black and white interior decoration. The interior as a whole becomes so enchanting and timeless. The design is beautiful as well as warmth and inviting.

It is a wonderful loft house with efficient space layout and beautiful decoration. The home is modern, complete and feels so comfy, airy and relaxing.

This living room is a wonderful one with black and white colors. The living room itself is bright since it has large sliding doors at the rear side. The doors bring natural light inside as well as breeze and somewhat fresh feeling.

One step outside, the terrace is amde of black wood and is completed with BBQ grill and seating space for 2. The terrace is small actually but is completed with high wall and plants. So, the privacy is great there but the space still feels calming.

344-sq-feet-Three-Level-house loft in industrial style
  • Warmth small kitchen with wood countertop and tube, stainless steel range hood

Next to the living room is the kitchen. The kitchen is quite small but the design is warmt and elegant. The kitchen has brown, natural wood countertop and makes the ambiance feels warmth and inviting. To complement the white brick wall, the backsplash comes in black color. The range hood is huge and comes in tube design. Overal design looks awesome as well as welcoming.

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344-sq-feet-Three-Levels loft home in black and white with brick wall
  • Black and white living room with kitchen under the stair

In this space, the designer has proven itself to be very capable designer. The small space is used efficiently and is made so beautiful. The kitchen is complete and modern although it is small. The under the stair space seems to be the perfect space for the kitchen and its modern stainless tube range hood.

The wall comes with exposed brick wall style and is adorned with black and white wall arts as well as the wooden shelves.

The living area itself is simple and is completed with 2 coffee tables is white and pastel blue colors. Moreover, the rug looks light and comes with geometric pattern.

small loft house living room design

  • Black and white small bathroom

Thie bathroom also comes in dark color. There, the shower wall even comes in black and some parts are dark gray. The bathroom vanity however, is light looking and also comes in white and brown combination. These make the bathroom feels warmth and inviting.

industrial style small 3 levels loft idea by
  • Bathroom with subtle wallpaper

The same bathroom uses wallpaper in light gray color that looks subtle. This part of the bathroom is not dark. However the wall color is not white either.

Small space like bathroom needs some cozy feeling. That’s the ambiance that promotes indulgence. Bathroom, however, can be a transition space to relax before we finally fall asleep.

small loft house bathroom storage
  • Upper level floor with black and white wall art

This upper level floor is sure to have wonderful view around and more. There, the sunlight makes the room bright and airy. The black and white colors in the room look pretty neutral in this bright environment. Here, it seems that lamost anything has black and white colors so even the floral wall art also comes in black and white.

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loft house upper floor design industrial style small 3 levels by
  • Attic space with black color accent

This attic space is bright since it has a skylight. It seems that the designer of the house emphasizes the importance of natural light in the interior. There are large windows and glass doors anywhere. And there, a large skyline is used to make the attic room bright and fresh. But there, a character is needed. The black color accents give the room some depth and firm feel.

small loft attic space with skylight
  • Neutral bedroom with calming and warmth ambiance combination

This bedroom is painted in dark wall color and has even darker headboard. The atmosphere is sure calming. However, one needs to wake up easily too every morning. So, the floor is made of laminate wood together with some elements to make the bathroom feels a little bit warmth. Well, just enough to wake up easily in the morning.

small loft house bedroom in calm style by

This small loft house is a great demonstration of space efficiency and beauty in one living space. The three stories / floors are maximized in every inch to make it useful and beauty. But, without looking busy in such limited space.

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