Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom Without Closets


Storage ideas for small bedroom without closets

Closet in a small bedroom can cause trouble for itself. The size is large and can reduces the space significantly. However, a storage is still necessary for any bedroom and without storage, our stuffs become a nightmare.

Now there are some amazing storage for replacing closets designed by creative people around the world.

The storages are original, limited space friendly. And, sure we can keep our bedroom neat without adding bulky storage furniture.

How to store clothes without closet in small bedroom?

  • Using clips


Mounting clips to a wall and use the clips to hang the clothes. Such design is so simple and is useful at once. Clips can accommodate a lot of clothes and this storage is much simpler than a closet.

  • Using branch

branch clothes storage idea for small bedroom

Literally, we hang the clothes on a branch. This branch can come in any design but it can be so wonderful when it is used in a bedroom. A branch is so eclectic and looks natural at once.

  • Combine storage


Combining storage is a smart way to store anything without a closet. Shoes and clothes can be stored side by side.

  • Corner storage


A corner in the room can be used to store clothes. Well, it can be decorated with wood or anything else to make it looks like a real storage. Or, just making a visible “border” that define the storage spaces.

  • Special storage


We also can make special storage for shoes like the above storage. This furniture can be made DIY or ordered to a proffessional. This storage is slim and it does not occupy a lot more space than a few inches wider than the shoes.

  • Storage at the headboard


Using the headboard side for storage would easily keep our clothes in neat and beautiful way. The headboard side is not wide enough and can be reach easily too. The advantage is the clothes are alway visible do we can easily pick one between the entire clothes.

  • Using clothing rack


Such clothing rack can be utilized to store a few kinds of clothes and shoes. It is a simple open storage with limited space required for the storage itself.

  • Under the bed storage


The space under the bed is a great potential for storage. We can put storage basket inside and many more. Actually, the entire space under the bed can be used for storing. So, we can store so many clothes and shoes just under the bed together with other items.

  • Purchase bed with built-in storage


It is a simple yet easy way to get ample storage without using closeet in small bedroom. The bed that comes with storage has different sizes of storage so we always can pick up one of them for a special stuff. That way, organizing stuffs would be much easier to do.

  • Vertical shoe  storage


We can DIY such vertical shoe storage. Or, we can turn something into a vertical shoe storage. We can imagine the final design and hack something to turn it into our design.

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Vertical storage is a cool and efficient storage for any clothes and small items. It saves space by stacking stuffs and prevent the stuff from being cluttered on the floor.

  • Use wardrobe as storage


Wardrobe essentially is a clothes storage too. It is purposely built to store clothes and other stuffs like shoes. The design is good or excelent from the beginning. So, any wardobe used for small bedroom would also make the room looks beautiful too.

Small bedroom’s storage can be made beautiful and functional. It can be made using any available space. However, there are more storage options for small bedrooms than we have posted here. But if add here, we just add a lot more on the list. So, at least, we hope that the list above can inspire our reader about storage ideas for small bedroom.

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