Summer Interior Design Inspirations

summer interior idea by using plants

The summer interior design inspirations here are wonderful and useful information for creating a summer-themed interior. These interior has airy design and some have tropical style. All are beautiful and are worth to look at.

colorful summer bedroom idea yellow

A summer interior doeasn’t have to be too vibrant. Having a vibrant bedroom like above is great. But a summer bedroom can be calming too. It seems that the airy ambiance is more important that the styling.

It seems that having decorative items that exude airy ambiance is important so this is the first example:

These blue flower and the containers are amazing to look at. The detail of each item is well tought and is really well executed. And there, the wall’s color also is amazing. The dark and light hues of the wall look so awesome as the backdrop for the decoration.

cool indigo blue summer interior MARKS & SPENCER
  • Bring the plants inside

There’s no better way to make an interior feels fresh and relaxing but by using plants inside. This interior is cool to look at and has some warmth and fresh ambiance at once. And, more than just real plants, there are some wall arts with leaves too. And to add some matching style, the furniture pieces are made of wood with rattan storage. The styling is soo natural to look at.

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summer interior idea by using plants

  • Use summer color shades

What summer if the colors we used inside is dark? We need to bring light and earthy colors we find outside to the interior too. What about dark interior with dark wall?

We can use rich tones in the room more. And, we may need some brighter colors like yellow or something equal.

  • Bring tropical ambiance

Tropical ambiance also is a great way to bring summer inside the house. However, it is also possible to bring our activity outside for more tropical nuance. Having said that, it is always great idea to have lunch in the garden instead of having lunch in the home.

summer style home decor with tropical style HOUSE OF FRASER
  • Use some bright summer printing

Summer printing is one of the easy way to make the ambiance feels airy.; These splash of colors can energize any room as well as making the room beautiful to look at. Printing is always easy way to to decorate an interior. If the prints are large enough, the prints can develop a certain nuance in the room. We can make the room vibrant, calm or cold with painting and prints.

summer style with prints

  • Bring cotton and light fabrics inside

It is not winter anymore. So, any heavy looking, thick fabrics may not work for summer themed interior. A kid bedroom with light fabrics and dark wooden floor is a cool combination for summer themed bedroom. The room feels light and natural as well.

white summer cotton fabric idea ParkShin White Swan Printed Bedding Set
ParkShin White Swan Printed Bedding Set
  • Bring natural scents inside

When it is possible, we can bring natural scents inside the interior. Natural scents is what we need to bring the entire summer ambiance to the next level.

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wonderful summer idea with home fragance

  • Use pops of colors

Pops of color is a wonderful thing to make the interior looks bright and interesting. A pink, sky blue and brown in pastel can be timeless too. Well, these are not wonderful color for winter but such colors can bring joy and excitement inside.

What happens with such interior at winters? The interior below may not match the ambiance outside but it is still great to exude joy and vibrancy inside.

If we don’t like to be too active outside, at least we can have a vibrant interior to enjoy.

wonderful summer interior with pastel colors VALSPAR

Summer-themed interior is about having fresh and relaxing ambiance. An interior with summer theme would be enedizing or at least, feels light and airy.

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