Small Three Stories Loft Interior in Black and White

small loft house living room design

A small, 344 sq ft three levels loft house can be so amazing with its black and white interior decoration. The interior as a whole becomes so enchanting and timeless. The design is beautiful as well as warmth and inviting. It is a wonderful loft house with efficient space layout and beautiful decoration. The home is modern, complete and feels so comfy, airy and relaxing.

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Colorful Living Room Tips and Tricks

interior colors tips personalize the room

Tips about colorful living room maybe are quite important for some. Using colors in a room can be challenging. We don’t want the colors to mix like a melted crayons anywhere. It’s not about putting something colorful inside but creating a harmony and the right ambiance for the living room. Without further ado, this is some tricks in using colors in the living room Pick any color you like Is that all? wow, painting any room will be so easy then? The fact is we want a particular color and…

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How to Paint Over Dark Wall into Bright Colorful Interior

awesome dark living room idea

Painting over dark color into bright color needs some steeps. These are steps we need to do before we can turn the wall into a bright one. Having dark interior can be great and make the interior feels cozy. The dark interior can make the space feels warmth too. For those living in the northen or southern side of the earth, we may need dark color to add warmth in the room. (Phsycally).

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