Terrazzo, The New Favorite Material for Home Decorating

Wonderful terrazzo wallpaper and rabbit mirror Ferm-Living

What is terrazo?

Terrazzoo is not anew material. It is well know material for its low cost and versatility. Terrazzo is a mix of marble scraps with concrete. But now, terrazzo also includes quarts, granite and agate.

Marble itself is also a popular and rather expensive building material. Some people use marble for wall but commonly, marble is used for flooring. In smaller scale, marble is used as countertops for kitchen and kitchen island. The heavy and solid surface of the marble is sure creates luxury in the interior.

terrazzo flooring idea

Terrazzo history

Terrazzo was originally invented in Italia. The word terrazzo translates into “terrace” in English. The terrazzo was made first time at the 15th century. At the time, Venice built beautiful buildings with marble. At the end, there are scraps of marble that were of no use. And then, they use clay to mix the remants and grinded the mix into flat surface. The result is a durable material that also is low cost to make and build.

This material is versatile since we can change the composition. And as marble, terrazzo also is easy to apply as flooring as well as to other surface. In fact, today’s accessories also have terrazzo pattern. Fabrics like rug, pillow covers and wallpaper can have terrazzo patterns.

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Terrazzo-Candle-Holder-Medium-and-Large-sizes Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon

Home decorations with terrazzo patterns

And as the real terrazzo pattern, fabrics can be colorful in pastel as well as monochrome. We can get pillow covers in terrazzo color. We also can get planter with terrazzo pattern too.

  • Terrazzo rugs and pillow covers

blue-terrazzo-pots-by Lorena-Canals-and-Trace-Round-Washable-Rug-160cm
  • Terrazzo rug

Terrazzo patterned rug can be so colorful too. And, the pillow cover can comes in 3D design.

  • Terrazzo counter

Terrazzo can be used as counter. However, terrazzo patterns are used to laminate kitchen countertops too.

terrazzo kitchen countertop

  • Real monochrome terrazzo stair

Real terrazzo is a great material for stair. The monochrome version is great since the colors are simple yet wonderful to look at. Another great thing about this stair is, there are some textures that make the stair steps safe and not slippery.

monochrome terrazzo stairway

  • Terrazzo floor with various stones

This is an example of terrazzo with various stones in the mix. Actually we can add anything in the mix to get colors and patterns that we like.

At the lowest price terrazzo, I’ve seen terrazzo that was mixed with colorful gravels.

terrazzo countertops

  • Terrazzo storage box

It is not a real box made of stone and concrete. But only an accessory designed to look as terrazzo. We can put such storage box on the table. In the living room as well as in the bedroom. Also, we can match this terrazzo storage box with planter and plants.

terrazzo decoration box

  • Terrazzo kitchen backsplash

Terrazzo can be great to be used as kitchen backsplash too. This small kitchen is just an awesome example. Although the color of the backsplash is similar to the kitchen’s cabinets, it still has different patterns. So, the look of the kitchen is still wonderful too.

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terrazzo kitchen backsplash idea

  • Terrazzo furniture

A furniture piece can be made with terrazzo pattern like show below. This furniture is amazing with its colorful patterns.

terrazzo Table design

As a low cost material, terrazzo can be so interesting visually. The terrazzo is not interesting because of its luxury style but it is so natural and enchanting.

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