The Basic Design Principles for Zen Bedroom Design

cool zen bedroom with fabric window treatment

Zen is a wonderful design that employs minimalism in design. We want a serene and tranquility in the bedroom that encourage peaceful feeling. The Zen bedroom however, can be obtained with so many ways that inculudes some design aspects.

A bedroom with minimalist design can easily be turned into serene bedroom. The voids inside the bedroom can be made to look spacious. The wall, needs to be made bright so the entire look seems wide. We may not want to have a lot of wall arts too. Wall arts can make the bedroom feels cheerful and then far from zen ambiance.

calm bedroom with zen ambiance

  • Another minimalist zen bedroom

This white cream bedroom also is a wonderful minimalist zen bedroom. The wall is painted in very light gray color and the large curtain at one side comes in cream color. The accessories are also calm and the room itself uses a very few accessories. There’s a chair with red pillow and a black pot with square design. The bed itself is white and comes as simple platform bed.

calming white cream zen bedroom idea

  • Zen bedroom design with special windows treatment

A zen bedroom also can be created from a bedroom with spesial window treatments. This bedroom has 4 windows with curtain that look like are made of special fabric. The styling is more like Shōji or Japanese sliding door. The windows traetments add lightness to the room as a whole .

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However, more than just the windows, the bedroom also features black platform bed. The black color has wonderful contrast to its white bedroom. And as an addition, the bedroom also has a beautiful plants with big leaves.

cool zen bedroom with fabric window treatment

  • Bedroom that connects to its outdoor

A bedroom that connects to its outdoor is a great bedroom that feels fresh and relaxing. The minimalist style however, seems far from this bedroom. The bedroom has rich decoration and color combination. The floor for the bedroom is dark. The bed itself comes with black canopy. Furthermore, there are 2 large bookcases in the bedroom which also come in black color.

However, these richness in style and decoration now becomes serene. One side of the wall in this bedroom is made of glass and has amazing garden view.

garden view zen bedroom idea

  • Zen bedroom with rich texturing

A bedroom with minimalist style and light fabrics is preferable for a zen bedroom. However, we still can add some texturing inside.The wall, the floor and the platform bed itself are made of wood. The colors are light but the beautiful texturing for each is visible. In fact, this bedroom uses the various texturing of the wood to create the zen harmony. The Floor is dark brown and the texture is quite soft. The platform bed has coarse surface and the color is light gray. The headboard has darker gray color with horizontal arrangement for the wood planks. And at the top, the wall is lighter gray and also has contrasting vertical pattern to the headboard.

industrial zen bedroom with rustic wooden platform bed

  • Minimalist zen bedroom with wonderful color combination

Minimalist style is the style where emptyness is the key. The style emphazises the blank space and make the space feels spacious. However, empty spaces can be decorated too. The wall can be covered with wallpaper that has some interesting textures. The bed can be painted in black and brown, two tones with elegant style. The chandelier can be so intericate and modern as well.

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However, there are only a few items in this room. The bed and the mattreass. The ceiling lamp, the vase and the plants. And sure, the table lamp and the curtain. There are only a few items but each is decorative making the entire bedroom beautiful.

light gray blue zen bedroom idea

  • Use the right accessory

A right accessory can turn a bedroom into a zen bedroom. This bedroom is interesting bedroom chic wallpaper and impresive table lamp.

modern zen bedroom idea and accessories

  • Focus on what makes the bathroom serene

If we have a ocean view bedroom like this, we don’t need to worry too much about the decoration and others. We can just let the ocean view to flood thw bedroom’s interior and make it feels serene.

ocean view zen bedroom design idea

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