The history of the Chester sofa

When one is asked about iconic pieces of furniture, the Chester sofa inevitably comes to mind, a classic that stands the test of time and remains one of the most demanded for its elegant design.

In this article we will tell you about its history, uncovering curiosities that have allowed it and allow it to be a fashionable armchair that has been updated to fit in all kinds of decorative styles.

Your provenance
It is not uncommon to imagine an elegant English gentleman sitting on a Chester sofa tasting the best whiskey. Its origin dates back to England in the late eighteenth century, when Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfierld, who was also a politician was a writer, decided to commission a piece of furniture that was able to keep intact the suit of those gentlemen who wanted to take a seat.

The sofa soon arrived at the halls of the wealthy families of the time, becoming a must have for which many sighed. Without going any further, the legendary Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, did not hesitate to get one of them to be comfortable during their hypnosis sessions.

Chester sofa features
What draws our attention to the Chester sofa? To begin with, both the backrest and the arms are at the same height, which is just what allows to adopt an upright position that does not endanger the ironing of the suit. Of course, we are the most comfortable in the world to squeeze in mode «I will see my favorite series for 4 hours straight».

The rounded shapes of the sofa are also a hallmark, while the upholstery is usually dark colors, although it is true that over the years that has changed completely to expand the sales options. What is non-negotiable is the capitoné, which can be seen both on the backrest and on the arms so that we know that it is not just any sofa.

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A Chester for each house
Today it is possible to find Chester sofas of all kinds. There are those that fit in vintage environments, which is where they are supposed to feel more comfortable, but there are also some that fit very well in other decorative styles such as the industrial one.

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