The perfect wooden chair is by Fritz Hansen

Talking about Fritz Hansen is not talking about any design company. His journey began in 1872 in Denmark and since then they have not ceased to amaze us with proposals of which Fritz Hansen himself, the carpenter who ceased the company, would be very proud.

Since then they have worked with masters such as Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Cecilie Manz or Kasper Salto. That is why it is not surprising that from time to time we are surprised with products such as the chair that I bring to you today, that although it looks like a normal chair, it is not.

Quality details
Taking advantage of the fact that they are specialists in the molding of plywood, they have managed to create a comfortable seat with a familiar shell design, for which they have used nine layers of sheet metal.

Although the union of frames is usually done in such a way that one feels that it is before a piece of heavy furniture, the truth is that in this case we do not have that perception because they have united with great subtlety, so that it seems that they barely touch each other


Practical and discreet armrests
It is one of the many details to highlight this wooden chair, such as its short armrests, which have the virtue of allowing us to be close to the table while still fulfilling its main function. In addition, on both sides of the seat there is a slight gradual inclination that makes one feel as if the chair is hugging him.

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Finally, comment that since 1957, when the Grand Prix chair of Arne Jacobsen was born, Fritz Hansen did not dare to launch a chair entirely made of wood capable of capturing the essence of this prestigious design firm

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