Tips for Adding Natural Accents in the House

natural-accent-addition tips in the living room with garden view

Adding natural accents in the house can be done many ways. But there, we have some easy steps to add something shooting in the interior. It can start from adding small plants in post into inviting outdoor view to the living room.

The reason for adding natural accents inside is clear, to make the interior even more livable. Natural accents also look great in any interior style. Natural style freshen the entire interior.

Relaxing ambience is the reason for having a garden. You can spend weekend sitting and reading in the garden “all day.” But for those who don’t have a garden or living in apartment, there are still many ways for adding natural accent in the interior.

amazing living room with natural accents the sea view

And now, tips for adding natural accente in the house.

It is the simplest and oldest way to add natural touch to any interior. Plants and pots will give us shooting experience in the house can really can make the room feels relax.

  • Add natural light

Nothing better than natural light to make interior feels natural. The natural light has changing temperature from daylight (5000 K – 6500 K) into warmth at afternoon.

Natural light has the best ambience in every interior. We may feel that the air temperature is hot or cold. But, natural light temperature (light color) is always comfortable for every activity. Reading with natural ambient light is as comfortable as repairing engine in natural light ambience.

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Tips for Adding Natural Accents in the House

  • Invite view from outside

If we have just a glance of garden view, or majestic sea view, invite it to the living room. Well, try to make it visible from the seat we usually use, even at a glance.

Having view from the outside is also refreshing to us.

natural-accent-addition tips in the living room with garden view

  • Use fishtank and fish

The water and the fish make the interior feels really fresh. Nothing better than water, plant and sun light to make an interior feels natural.

modern classic kitchen with fish tank Rockwood Manor Greenwich
Rockwood Manor Greenwich
  • Use rocks an natural elements

A bathroom may need stones or some big rocks as an accent. Yes, water and rocks are sure amazing and relaxing when these are combined in the bathroom.

vintage style bathroom with natural accent with stone

  • Frame photos of nature

Decorating wall with nature picture or at least, sketches of nature. OR, frame flowers for even more natural touch if necessarry. Large natural picture, which is printed on a canvas or paper can bring freshness to the interior itself and,..some imagination.

  • Use wood slice fo drawer pulls

This wood slice is a nice touch to the interior as a drawer pulls. The size is small but these drawer pulls are constanly visible since we always use drawers.

  • Use rustic wood or driftwood

Rustic wood or driftwood can be great to be used as a base of a coffee table. Although the entire interior looks modern, the driftwood can add a wonderful touch. The coffee table can be an accent furniture in the modern living room.

natuiral accent interior tips with driftwood cofee table

  • Use bowl of fruit or pine cone filled hurricane

Bowl of fruit is interesting decoration as well as a hurricane with pine cone fill. Such decorations are timeless and can match any classic into sllek, modern interior. The placement also is not limited in one place. A kitchen welcomes such decors as well as a dining table.

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natural accent home decor with fruit bowl

Decorating an interior with natural accent can turn the interior into a shooting and amazing one. And, decorating with such natural accent is not quite difficult to do. The list here is filled with easy options. And, don’t worry about those fancy pictures. There are only a few interiors with such very neat style. There are more options however to decorate home with natural accent. But, at least we hope that this list can help.


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