Tips for choosing the perfect sofa

Choosing the sofa of your dreams is more complicated than it seems. You have to take too many things into account and do not get carried away by a crush, because design is not the only thing we should consider when giving the “I do”.

So that you have things a little clearer, I have decided to share a series of tips that I consider fundamental to make the best possible decision. Would you like to meet them?

Set a budget
You have to go buy a sofa knowing what one can spend. Otherwise, we risk ending up spending more than our economy allows. Yes, it is true that we should not skimp on quality, but neither should we go crazy. That’s why it’s good to compare many prices and not keep one of the sofas that shows us in the first store we visited, either online or in person.

Measure well the available space
The next thing to do is take action. Take a meter and look at the space available both in width and depth, since you can take a very unpleasant surprise if you buy a sofa that later turns out to be larger than the hole that is waiting for you at home. In the same way, we must also consider other measures that we usually overlook, such as the width of the arms or the height of the seat. It may seem silly, but it is not at all.


Choose the material and the color
Knowing the budget and the measures, one can go into details that have to do with the design. Better cloth or skin? Is it important that it be washable? What color do I want it? Answer those questions and you’ll get to the ideal sofa. On the color, it is good that it goes in the same line as the rest of the decoration of the room, unless you want the sofa to be the main protagonist, the piece that stands out above the others both in size and color.

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test it
When there are already two or three designs that fit everything described above, what I think is more important is missing: make it comfortable. Nothing will be nice and have the exact dimensions if you will not be able to enjoy a plan of peli and pizza for discomfort. Test it as many times as necessary before dedicating yourself. He thinks that he will accompany you for many years, and that he will not only be your companion for movies and series, but that he will also accompany you in your half-afternoon headaches.

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