Tips for Kids Toys Storage in the Living Room

living room storage for kids stuffs

Today we have some tips on how to deal with kids toys and other stuffs in the living room. These tips probably are not new but you may haven’t headr some of them.

Storage basket is a simple storage we can add to the living room. This storage actually can store toys into shoes uif needed.

As the style and colors, we can get ones that match the living room’s style.

kids storage tips collapsible storage Rustic White Photography
Rustic White Photography
  • Storage coffee table

Coffee table with storage also is a great option to hide kids stuffs. We can get the functionality of a coffee table while at the same time can store our kids’ toys neatly.

We also can use coffee table with rounded edges instead of ones with sharp edges.

kids living room storage tips using coffe table Rustic White Photography
Rustic White Photography
  • Use storage footstools

This footstool is a great alternatives to the coffee table. If we find difficult to find a coffee table that has soft edges, a stool with storage can be a better option.

Furthermore, stool can even comes tith upholstery too making the furniture even softer.

  • Use bags or hang the stuffs

We can store kids toys in a bag or hang some of their stuffs on the wall. Such storage frees space for playing. And if we opt for nice storage bag or hang their stuffs nicely, we can even use them as decoration in the living room.

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kids storage tips by using bags Rustic White Photography
Rustic White Photography
  • Fit the cupboards in alcove

This is the best way to save space actually. We need the living room for more family members. Kids however, tend to add the toys and stuffs in much faster pace than a grown ups collecting stuffs for themshelves.

kids storage by fitting wardrobe to the alcove

  • Window seating storage

Adding a window seating storage is a cool way to stora anything. We also add the seatring too. Such window seating can be made as a perfect space for reading and playing. Grown ups usually also like to use such space sine this place is bright and fresh.

kids storage tips with windows seating

  • Get new sideboards

Well, yes, adding new sideboard can solve storage problem too. And if the sideboard is good to look at, it is going to decorate our living room better too.

living room storage for kids stuffs

  • Use collapsible storage

A collapsible storage maybe needed to store more stuffs for children. A collapsible storage is more flexible than other storage. We can put the storage under the bed too if necesarry.

  • Make a label

Just as for any other kids storage, we need to add labels on the baskets and any other storage piece. Label makes us easy to fing anything we want and makes us easy to store anything systematically.

kids storage tips make a label Rustic White Photography
Rustic White Photography
  • Use armrest organizer

An armrest organizer is a great storage that also is easy to remove when nedeed. It is practical since we can use it on the armrest of our sofa. Kids will easily pick up their toys and store them back.

kids storage tips armrest organizer Rustic White Photography
Rustic White Photography
  • Use art cart

Art cart is an easy option for kids’ stuffs storage. It has wheels and can be moved around the house. Use it at the living room when needed and put it back somewhere in the palyroom.

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Art cart also gives us the opportunity to bring kids arts to the living room. The chalkboard surface hopefully useful enough to prevent kids to draw on any other surface.

kids living room storage tips using art cart Rustic White Photography
Rustic White Photography

Living room is a family room. However, if our son or daughter is still young, they may have somewhat different needs.

Kids also do defferently. They use toys somewhere and take another toy and play with that. The previous toys can lay anywhere, including ion the living room. So, having well organized living room is important if we often have guests at home.

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