Tips on What to do with Windows in the Kitchen

How to decorate kitchen windows using windows decoration

This post is about windows design in the kitchen. Well, actually about how to match the kitchen with existing windows. We need to make considerations on what we need to do about windows.

We can just let the kitchen design ignores the existing windows. But windows can be made to make a true statement about the kitchen.

we can put cabinetry around windows, painting the window frames and others. But, if a window above a bathtub gets decorated then what about the window at the kitchen?

We can make such kitchen windows beautiful. We can march the design of the kitchen to furher blend the existing windows. Or, decorating the windows instead or both.

And there, some designers have shows us how to decorate kitchen windows. And,  even how to design kitchen with windows as consideration.

Kitchen hood is a focal point, for most of the time. If we have a large windows we can use the widows to frame the hood. The kitchen below has wonderful focal point at the hood. The backsplash has black and white color and highlight the entire white range hood.

The other parts of the kitchen are also amazing. The black colo is maintaind and continues as countertop for the kitchen and the kitchen island.

And, having a windows flank the range hood and backsplash also gives us advantage. The view from the outside expands our sense of space.

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Very simple thing, we still feel relax and happy when we sit in a small cottage room. But the room is located at the beach side. The view of the beach diminishes the small size of the room.

  • Installing range hood around window

We can install a hood around a window just like show below. This kitchen has classic modern appeal and comes in dark gray color. And to make the windows even more beautiful, the wall around is decorated with stone backsplash.

tips on decorating kitchen windows Photo by Galina Coada for Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios
Photo by Galina Coada for Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios
  • Use steel window look

We can paint the windows frame in black color. However, if the frame of our windows are not steel, we can paint the mullions in black too.

There, having a garden view as a backsplash seems to be better than having just backsplash wall for the kitchen. We can have refreshing view while cooking and making the cooking more fun.

How to decorate kitchen windows using steel framed style windows - HGTV
  • Connects the cabinetry

When the cabinets are separated by windows, and the gap is large. It is may be important to connects the two cabinets with cabinetry valance. And if possible, use cabinetry valance with style similar to the windows making the entire styliang even more integrated.

How to decorate kitchen windows using cabinetry valance

  • Use Decorative Window

The simple option is just use a decorative window. This way we don’t have to change anything. If the window is only one, it seems to be the best option. As for bathroom, we use decorative window above the bathtub. In the kitchen, some people still use ordinary windows. If the window is located above the sink, we may want to change into a decorative window instaed of having ordinary windows.

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How to decorate kitchen windows using windows decoration

  • The benefit of decorating kitchen windows

The kitchen and the windows look more beautiful than ever. We can make the entire kitchen looks more harmonious with the right touch for the windows.

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