Tips to Decorate A Dream Home Library

home-library tips make it cozy and intimate - Kevin Dakan Architect

Home library is not dead. Some of us still prefer reading from paper book than from our tablet. Paper books are healthier for eyes and more convenient to carry.

Well, the era of having home library, or at least reading nook with floor to ceiling bookshelves may not end, yet. So, anyone agree with this statement may also want to get some tips for decorating a home library. So, there are some tips on decorating a dream home library

A home library can be just a nice reading nook with ample natural light at a corner. The nook can be built in the bedroom as well as in the living room. Also, try to build one at spare spaces like loft or under the stair space.

tips on how to decorate home library

  • Setting mood

Anyone has their preference time and mood when reading. I like to read when i’m about to sleep. I always pick a novel book, read a few pages and put the book back to the side table and sleep. However, at saturday and sunday, I like to read for longer time. About 2 hours or a little bit more.

For the last purpose, I prefer to read in a cozy space. The nook or library then should have a neutral color or has dark wooden shelves like shown below.

Brown-wooden-classic shelving for home library by JWT Associates
JWT Associates
  • Choose the right shelves

It is like choosing the right furniture for a special purpose or to make a special style. If I like something that would make me sit and relax for hours, the above shelves are my choice. The dark color helps a lot for the peacaeful ambience.

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If I want a light, stylish home library that blends with the entire interior, the below shelves are my choice.

cool home library nook tips - LINEA, Inc
  • Floor support

Papers are heavy. A suitcase full of books are heavy and bookshelves can be heavy too for the floor. We need to find a way to add support to the floor.

home library tips

  • Layer the lighting

Keep our eyes healthy by using appropriate lighting to read. The lighting in a room can be divided as follow:

  • Ambient light

This is the lighting used to light up the entire room. We can walk to the entire room safely because of this type of lighting. This ambient lighting usually comes from the main lighting fixtures on the ceiling or natural light from window.

  • Accent Lighting

This light is used to highlight focal point(s). Wall arts and special nook are the ones usually lighted by accent light. Also, accent light can be used to create a mood in the room.

  • Task lighting

This lighting are used to complete particular function. The task lights range from study lamp into a hanging lamp above a kitchel island.

As for reading, having proper ambient light is very important. We need to have one around our reading spot. We can get the ambient light that illuminates through large window. We also can invest in bright light bulbs in the room.

And as for ambient light, the right temperature of the light is important. A bulb needed for reading has about 5,000K to 6,500K temperature. Below 5,000K, the light will be yellowish. And, above 6,500K the light is bluish and glaring.

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home-library lighting tips - the layered lighting - Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography
Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography
home-library tips make it cozy and intimate - Kevin Dakan Architect
Kevin Dakan Architect
Tips for decorating home library with a lot of seating - Martha O’Hara Interiors
Martha O’Hara Interiors

Home library is still something fun to have in our house. Reading paper books is not as glaring as reading digital book. Personally I still buy books regulary and read them every day. For a person like me, reading book is a peaceful activities tht I can do while on the sofa or when about to sleep.

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