Types of Cabinets with Doors and Drawers and the Advantages

what types of cabinets base or lower cabinets

It is fun to have new cabinets for kitchen or bathroom. However, a cabinet is not more than just the right style for the interior. It can be the right material and design that make the cabinets feel fit nicely.

And now, basic types of cabinets:

  • Stock cabinets

Stock cabinet is entry level cabinets in term of price point. The stock cabinetry offers the lowest price but some types and brands offer top notch quality. The stock cabinets version does not have any options except only for standard colors and accessories.

The advantages: Easy to get and low price.

  • Semi custom cabinets

This type of cabinets offer better styling and features options than the stock cabinets. Such cwmi custom cabinets usualy are built to order and would be shipped in relativelly long time. Within 4 to 8 weeks.

The finishes for a semi custom cabinets can range from the types of stains, paints and the finishing technique itself like distressing.

There are features like roll out shelves, organization inserts and even some embelishment. We also can choose cabinets legs and hardwares used for the cabinets.

The advantages: Semi custom design to better macth your need.

  • Custom cabinets

Custom is custom. This custom cabinets type offers the largest selections of finishes, materials and style / design. Custom cabinets can be made from existing cabinets as well as creating a new one. The design of this type of cabinets acn be match into a special interior. The cabinets are made to ensure that you get the cabinets of your imagination.

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The advantages: Fully custom design as you may imagine.

Types of cabinets base on the design

  • Base cabinets

Base cabinets also known as lower cabinets. This furniture is heavy and provides support for the heavy countertops. Also, some use the base cabinet for window seating. As for bathroom, a base cabinet is a great support for a vanity and also is a great storage for relatively heavy items.

The advantages: Strong. Low type provides undisturbed sight to the entire room and windows.

what types of cabinets base or lower cabinets

  • Wall Cabinets

The cabinets are mounted on a wall and are great complement to the base cabinets. The storage space is great for items which are used quite often. This cabinets type is the workhouse of a cabinets. The cabinets store appliances into small cookbooks.

This upper cabinets are also used to create an accent wall. The wall cabinets can be made high enough to reach the ceiling. However, if the ceiling is too high, it’s going to be difficult to reach items in the cabinets.

The advantages: Easy to reach and still strong.

models cabinets type wall cabinets

  • Tall / pantry / utility cabinets

As the name suggest, the tall cabinets can extend from floor to ceiling. And because of the cabinets continues from the bottom to the top, this type provides more storage space than base and wall cabinets combined. Sure, for the same square footage.

This pantry can provides storrage for almost anything, from small appliances to a built-in ovens and microwave. This storage is an effective storage in the kitchen.

The advantages: Strong. Can provide the most storage space.

Types of cabinets doors - inset cabinets doors

Types of cabinets doors

  • Center panels cabinets doors.

  • Raised panel cabinet doors

This type of cabinet doors have a center panel that is raised from the other parts of the doors.Usually, there’s a countoured edge at the raised part.

  • Cabinet doors with recessed panel

As said, the centaer part is recessed compare to the edge parts.

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  • Overlay cabinets doors

Overlay doors cover the front of the cabinet box. We can choose the full overlay that cover the entire cabinet box. Or, we can choose for the partial overlay cabinet doors that show parts of the cabinet box.

The last style usually work for the classic cabinets version.

Types of cabinets doors - full overlay cabinets doors

  • Inset cabinet doors

Inset cabinet doors is the smoothest door type surface for a cabinet. If the full overlay type covers the entire front to create a flat. smooth surface, this type of door fits on the frame.

As for inset cabinets doors, precission is important. Humidity change can make wood shrink and expand. So, the door can rub with the frame as a result.

This inset cabinet doors can be made as beaded that creates an beautiful edging or non-beaded for smooth look.

Types of cabinets doors - inset cabinets doors

Cabinets doors styles

  • Arch doors 

The top side is half oval or arching. Usually it has raised panel.

  • Cathedral doors

The door has medieval-style arch at the top and raised panel.

  • Shaker doors

Simple recessed door panel.

  • Slab doors

Flat panel door without recessed or raised panel.

  • Beadboard doors

It comes with decorative wood panelling with vertical patterns.

Types of cabinets drawers

There are lists that include cabinet drawer fronts and drawer cabinets.

Types of cabinets drawer fronts

Besides the various types of fronts, there are two among the most popular, the five-piece and the slab type.

  • Five-piece drawer fronts type

the fornt face is recessed or raised and has 4 frames around it.

4 pieces drawer front

  • Slab drawer fronts

The front is made of single flat panel without decoration.

flat drawer front

Some terms used in choosing cabinets drawers

  • Dovetail joint: 
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An interlocking system with corner joints

  • Drawer glide: 
  • QuietClose:

A hinge that also can control slamming. can be integrated to the glides and door hinges. The system usually also has on/off switch.

Types of drawer cabinets

  • Corner drawers

It is always good to have the corner useful for storage, with style off course.

  • Furniture drawer cabinets

This drawer is really strong and is intended to contain heavy items.

  • Pegged Dish Organizers Drawers

This drawer is used to avoid lifting heeavy items.

  • Warming drawer cabinet

Can be used to warm food.

  • Utensil drawer

This drawer has special spaces for spoons, knifes and so on.

utensil drawer

  • Vanity drawer

This vanity drawer is made for bathroom vanity with spacial shape and sizes for bathroom essentials.

vanity drawer

  • Filling cabinet drawer

This cabinet is designed for file folders. The drawers usually are strong enough to contain lots of papers.


So, these are the types of cabinets and the doors and drawers and the advantages of each type. We hope these list can help you to decide what cabinetry style you may want for your kitchen or bathroom.

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