Types of Ceiling Lights


Types of ceiling lights and the use of each ceiling light type. The light patterns and the designs.

There are some ceiling lighting types that we can use in different situations. Each lighting type can fit a special purpose nicely. However, we still can use one type of light to achieve some goals.

So, What types of ceiling lights that we have in the market?

Ceiling Lighting Types

  • Chandeliers

crystal Chandelier

Chandelier is like jewellery of ceiling light. It is the most beautiful and admired ceiling light. Yes, chandelier is the most expensive and the most luxurious-looking lamp ever. It is larger than any floor lamp or wall lamp. And sure, a chandelier is a statement light.

The use of this lighting is mostly for ambiance lighting. Usually, it is not a lighting for gaining the most of brightness possible.

the style of a chandelier can be classic or contemporary. The lamp can be match in any interior’s style and looks wonderful. And even more, becomes a focal point.

  • Pendants


Pendant lamps are lamp that are use as decorative element as well as a main light source at night or dark space. Pendant lamps are usually simpler than a chandelier in design. Usually, it  comes with long hanging cable or pole.

The design can be modern or vintage. It is a wonderful light to be used on a dining table. Or, we can use some pendant lamps together in a living room.

These lights usually are used in room with high ceiling.

  • Flush Lamps

flush ceiling lamp

Flush lamps are lamp that is mounted directly on the ceiling. It is not hanged like pendant lamp so it is a great lamp for room with low ceiling design.

The advantage of the flush lamp is its compact design. With no rope and any extension, the lamp looks simple and small on a ceiling. It is usually free from reach since our hand usually can’t touch it directly. So, the lamp is a normal and safe lamp to be used in any room including in the bathroom.

  • Semi Flush Lamps

semi flush ceiling lighting

Semi flush lamp usually has hanging wire or cord at about 4 or 5 inches long. Semi flush lamp is a combination of pendant lamp and a flush lamp. Well by lowering the lamp, it is easier to reach and change the bulb if needed.

Usually, this type of light is used to complement other main lights. If the main light (s) doesn’t provide equal lighting to the room, some semi flush lamps are added. And, sometimes with decorative intention too.

  • Recessed

recessed-ceiling lights-white-baffle

Recessed light is hidden in the ceiling. This type of celing light is used to provide spot lighting. It is ot a main light source but is for decorartive function. We can highlight a special architectural design, special protuding fixture or, to give more lights to a reading area.

Other use for this kind of recessed ceiling light is for soft lighting. We can place a glass cover on the lamp and the recessed area. And, arrange the lamp in pattern or along the room. So, the light as a whole is not glaring but is still bright enough to serve the purpose of the room.

Sometimes, there are types of recessed track light for the ceiling which can be directed to give a spot illumination.

white-eyeball-recessed lamp

  • Track Lights


These track lights / lamps are lighting system that use lamps which can be directed to light a spot. This direction can be changed of course and can be used to illuminate a corner garden, or small waterfall in the room.

Other usual use would be to illuminate wall art or special picture.

Usually, the design of a track lamp is moden. However, you may find some track lights with vintage design too.

If you like to be flexible with your ceiling lghts, you can use main lighting together with some spot and decorative lights. Some wonderful, carrefully placed ceiling lights would be much more beautiful to look at than one single bright main ceiling lamp.

Also, one big light would be glaring. But some small lights would be more friendly to our eyes.

So, having a nice, decorative ceiling lamp that serves its purpose is a great thing. The light can transform a standard, dull room into wonderful and livable space. So, happy decorating your home with wonderful ceiling lamps!

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