Types of Succulents

list of succulent types guide

There are many types of succulents including 1300 types od cacti. However, there are 60 more different types of succulents and around 10.000 plants with different color, shape and size.

The word succulent itself comes from Latin word sucus. Which means “Sap.” The sap is the sap-filled leaves the succulent has. It is their main source of nourishment. This plant needs watering only when the soils is dry completely or regularly at 2 times a month.

Succulent type – Echeveria

echeveria-type of succulents

This succulent is one of the most popular. It is a native plant from sounth and central America. This type of plant has a number of variety with different colors and sizes. The leaves for this plant looks like flower petals. Some of these plants have hairy and soft leaves. Some variety have flowers, some haven’t.

This type of succulent also is easy to reproduce by cutting the leaf.

This easiness to cultivate as well as the long life make the succulent popular. Echeveria won’t die after they flower.

If you like this plant, the plant needs well-drainege soil, a lot of light and air circulation.


Succulent types - Aeonium

Aeonium is different from Echeveria. It has rosettes which are formed on long woody stems. So, this plant can grow tall compare to the Echevera which grows close to the ground.

This Succulent also can has rosettes with size similar to dinner plate. So, it is quite big for indoor plant. If you like to use the plant indoor, there are some smaller varieties. When keeping this plant, we should know that it can live in light frost. But, is in the state of semi-dormant during very hot summer. So, during such summer, watering is not necesarry.

Adromischus Cristatus

Adromischus Cristatus succulents types

This plant has a few rosettes formed by its thick leaves. This plant also has short stem and thick root with reddish color.

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Some keys to grow this succulent is, re-pot the plant to give enough space to the root. Have a well drained soil and shade the plant. The plan can sunburn easily under hot sun at midday.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera succulent types

This plant is famous for medicinal value. It is used in some shampoo brands and is really easy to grow. If we want to put this plant on a pot, we need to make sure that the sooil is porous. So, water won’t stay and make the root rot.


list of succulent - Bromeliad

The size of this succulent is quite large. Larger than any other succulent. Although the size looks as though it requires high maintenance, this succulent is easy to maintain.

This plant is easy to maintain. And as other succulent, requires o standing water in the pot. So, well drained soil is necesarry.

Also, place the plant in humid area. This plant needs fertilizer when it grows. This plant is ephifit but can live in our home with proper care.

However, this plant dies after the plant flowers. But we can continue to grow a new one by using an offset or pup.


list of succulent - jade

This plant is an easy to grow succulent. We can easily find it on porches or in homes. The size is actually small. But if the plant grows larger than your place, you can trim it easily too.

This plant has thick stem and leaves which contain water. But, it is not good to add more water around the plant. The plant wil rot.

This succulent is like most succulent type, loves sun. When the light is less than needed, the plant stretches. The space between leaves just gets longer. And if the plant grows this way, it looks more gangling and unsupported, weird.


list of succulent types - Graptopetalum

This plant has rosette shapes formed at the stems. The shape is centered and when the plant flowers, the flowers are also at the center.

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Gaptopetalum can have 2 colors. If you put it under full sun, the color is yellowish pink. And when we put under partial shade, the color tend to become bluish-gray.

But, it the plant live in under the sun, total, the color would be gray with pink. And, with its small and low nature, a Gaptopetalum is a great plant for ground covering.


succulent types - euphorbia

This plant also is the care-free type plant / succulent. The plant usually is small and needs well drained soil. And as for a home plant, this succulent is easy to maintain and even has wonderful small flowers.


succulent types - Haworthia

This succulent may be similar to Aloe Vera but the leaves may difference in color. And as other succulent, these leaves grow and form a rosette. The leaves also thick enough and contain water for drought season.

However, this plant doesn’r need wet soil or it can rot the root.


list of succulent types - Kalanchoe

This succulent is sought because of its wonderful blooms. The flowers can come in various bright and wonderful colors.

However, we also need to remember that this plant has some varieties. Ones are upright plants and similar to other home plants. Some however, are hanging variety and can be planted in baskets and hang around the home.

Besides the well drained soil for grow, the plant also need you to cut its blooms when

they start to bloom out. That way, the energy is focused only to grow healthy part of the plant.


succulent types - Huernia

This plant has interesting bloom. The colors of the bloom can be very interesting. However, we need to place the flower at the right place with enough light. But, not under the sun for day. It can die under full sun at midday. But, it needs light. Lacking of light causes fewer flowers being produced by the plant.

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Moreover, we also need to avoid water stand that can cause the root to rot.


succulent types - Sedum

Sedum stores water in their leaves just as majorityof succulent. This plant jas some varieties too. There are onse that have hairy leaves. But, also some which have wax on the leaves’ surface.

As for the shape, there are some that grow tall. But, also some varieties which grow low and are great for ground covering.


succulent types - Agave

Agave is a large type of succulent. The small ones can be as large as dinner plate while the larger ones can reach 20 ft in rosette diameter.


dudleya_farinosa - list of succulent plants types

Dudleya has rosette similar to Echeveria but the flowers grow from the bottom. It is rather more difficult than ordinary succulent. They grow flowers at the center or side.

This plant also is one that can live long, up to 100 years. This plan grows at the winter and dormant at the summer.

And as for light, most people prefer to put the plat outside where the lights are ample.

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