Very useful tools for working with wood

Very useful tools for working with wood


As you will surely know if you follow us regularly, wood is one of the most precious materials when it comes to shaping furniture of all kinds, regardless of the shape or color that the piece of furniture will acquire. Therefore, it is convenient to be clear about the most useful tools when working on it, while it is also good to know a trusted online hardware store to buy everything that we are going to need.

Transforming all kinds of furniture is in fashion, whether for recycling or to unleash the famous ‘Do it yourself’ (‘Do it yourself’). For this reason, I recommend you not to lose any detail of anything that we tell you below.


When polishing the wood, especially if it is an old wood that you want to treat to completely transform, it will be very useful to have a brush with which to smooth the surface. It is a tool very similar to rasps or files, since the objective it pursues is very similar. Thanks to it you can achieve a perfect finish for accessories such as the always useful handles.


Anyone who works day-to-day with wood knows that having a vise on hand is a guarantee, especially if you have to handle and cut planks. It is anchored to the work table and serves to hold the wooden boards in such a way that we can cut them without fear of them moving during the cutting action. If the wood is rather small, the ideal is to use a cutting support with which to support the pieces while they are cut through a guide. It is the most effective.

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circular saw

Leaving the classic saw aside, the circular saw can come in handy, especially if you are cutting large areas of wood. Its teeth, which can be pointed or straight pointed, guarantee a level of precision that is noticeable in the final cut. In addition, it is possible to reach an angle of up to 45 degrees, and you should know that it will not only allow you to cut wood, but you can also enliven yourself with plastic and metal depending on the quality of the circular saw you have purchased.

Electric marquetry saw
Without leaving the world of saws, we must make special mention of what an electric fret saw can offer us. Why? Well, because it allows us to do without the traditional manual fret saw, obtaining a precise and comfortable cut, since instead of moving the saw, what is moving is the wood that we are going to cut. Therefore, we could say that the level of effort is considerably reduced.


Thinking of a carpentry workshop without a drill is like thinking of a school without a blackboard. With the drill you can make magic with the material to work, although it is true that it will also depend on the power or thickness of the drill used to obtain some results or others.

Screwdriver, pliers and hammer
It is a trio that never fails and that you should never leave out of your workshop. Nails are very present in wooden furniture, more than anything else in handmade ones. Hence it is necessary to have a hammer and pliers for what may happen. The screwdriver, for its part, can be manual or electric. The latter is the one that usually abounds in the briefcases of those professionals who spend all day working with wood. They save time and effort, so it is worth the investment

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