What Best About Nautical Home Decor? for a 19Th-Century Getaway

country-style-dining-room-of-a-harbor-beach-house-DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN

This Provincetown, Massachusetts’ house ia wonderful home with nautical style inside. The outside is a cool home with white wall and green windows. The seaside house has 2 flooe, a brick chimney and small garden with plants and flowers.

And the inside of this country-style home is surprising interiors designed by Ken Fulk.



There, the space is decorated with up to 36 oil painting all over the place. We can find one at the doorback. The wall is painted in light yellow color. The floor is made of wood as well as the stair steps and the balustrade. There, there’s also a cabinet made of wood with classic style. The drawers seem have a metal plate on them. It seems that these boast the brand of the cabinet. And while the presence is a little bit subtle there, the vintage-style wooden armchair looks amazing.

country-style-harbor-beach-house-design-in-yellow-DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN
  • The kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are not the best option to store anything. There, the kitchen can make use with open storage style that show the collectibles. The over-the door shelf is an amazing yet interesting storage space. The knifes are wonderful to look at when these knifes are stored at the wall, in an open style storage.

The wooden table is classic and comes with big metal bolts in front of it. This table is unique and is a great complement to the open knifes storage and shelves.

Aside from the storage, the desoration for the kitchen also is amazing. The wall is yellow just like the entrance. But, the wood flooring in this kitchen is blue instead of natural wood color. Rhis blue color gives some serene ambience to the kitchen. The two, blue wooden floor and yellow wall are connected with the dark gray metal door frame making the look as a whole is interesting.

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amazing-yellow-country-style-kitchen-design-with-blue-wooden-floor-DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN
  • The dining room

The dining room is painted in white for the wall but the wood floor is blue. Part of the wall, the divide the dining area with the kitchen is divided with sliding glass door. This glass door is classic and is mounted under a wall with siding surface. The ambience in this dining area is serene thanks to its blue wooden floor painting.

The dining table is classic and square. This table is more like a table for playing with small drawer rather than a dining table.

And as for the dining chairs, the furniture pieces were choosen in classic and rustic style. The chairs are made of wood with rattan seating and look really vintage. The design is so country style, more than a beach style.

From there, a sink and cabinets come in wonderful combination of dark purple/blue, yellow marble counter and stainless steel tube sink.

country-style-dining-room-of-a-harbor-beach-house-DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN
  • The beach-style wooden bedroom

This beach-style bedroom is quite small yet feels so airy. Well, most of the time it is the large windows that brings its airy appeal from the sea. The bed itself is made of metal bed frame with rustic style in faded gold color. The bedding is awesome with blue denim style and the ceiling lamp has large shade and looks so vintage.

The floor is in natural wood color and is not painted. There, a classic rug adorns the room and a chest coffee table can further functions as a stool. And still there, the armchair is black and looks as though it was made in 1800s. The leather upholstery is so cool and the buttons and the shoulder supports make the chair even more vintage.

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amazing-wooden-beachside-country-style-wood-bedroom-DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN

This country-style home is classic since the beginning. The designer, Ken Fulk maintains the style of this vacation home and adds much more. The house now becomes so enchanting, unique and feels warmth and welcoming.

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