What Can We Do with Small Spare Room and Space

contemporary-home-office-by-Juliette Bryne

What can we do with small spare rooms and spaces? There are some wonderful examples that show what to do with small spare spaces.

Often, we just wonder what to do with spare spaces and rooms, especially when the space space is small.  Most of the time, the spare room becomes bedroom for child or become a home office. However, without clear directions on what to do, the furniture and decor can be akward. Sometimes we just put anything in there and hope that the room fits for any purpose.

If we want the decorating process of a spare space easy, we need to give it a purpose. Once we have set a goal into something, we can continue the process until the goal has been reach.

Let say, we want the spare room to be a game room. We can add a few things inside and decorate it according to the purpose we have given.

We need to know what we need most. A guest room as example would be best furnished with daybed. This room can be turned into a study room and can be still wonderful when not in use. Also, the daybed would be beautiful with preety cushions and throws addition.

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And after giving the spare room a purpose, we can do other things like listed below.

  • Wise while using color

Once we have set the purpose for the room, we can imagine the best color to be used. We can imagine wether we need dark, intimate color of bright  and airy shades. If the space has ample natural lights, its is beter not to ruin the airy and open feel. We need bright color for the wall. Also, it is better to not blocking any natural lights and view to the entire room and to the outside. We can use low furniture. The room has to have somewhat free-floowing sense.

On the other hand, dark room that will never see natural light would be better to be painted in bold, moody or quirky color. White paint would look gray anyway so painting such room with colors other than white may help us a lot.

  • Use Mirror

It seems that it is the basic of decorating small room. Use large mirror in small room so the space would be felt much larger.

  • Use maximum decor

Just like using bold colors or colors with impact, we also need maximum decoration in our small spare space / room. We can cover the entire wall with wallpaper or cover the entire floor with nice, bright vinyl flooring.

  • Features are the most important

We need features that can add depth to the space. A fireplace is sure taking some space but the impact on the design can be so interesting. A fireplace in a spare space that is turned into a living room is more substantial than just adding a sofa set.

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If not necesarry, we don’t need to cover the windows with curtain. If the view is wonderful and your privacy is protected, just let the view flows to the outside.

  • Use the room vertically

It is always good using a loft bed in a small bedroom. Moreover, we can choose the loft bed with study too is we want to save more of the space.

modern small kid bedroom with loft bed and study

  • Use built-in storage

A built-in storage would save a small space, a lot. Mirrored wardrobe is a perfect example and a bed with underbed storage is another great example.

  • Try to define each area with purpose

A rug probably is just a rug. However, we can use rug for our special purpose, to make the troom looks larger.

This striped rug is a cool one that also stretches the floor area away from the bed.

modern small bedroom with rug for large space illusion

  • Use smaller bed

If it is a bedroom, use smaller bed. A king-size bed is sure comfortable. But a queen-size bed would be adequate. This is a decent option to save some space in small bedroom.

  • Use 2 styles of wall

We can make use one side of the wall with anything. But, left the opposite wall clean, unused.

contemporary-home-office-by-Juliette Bryne
Juliette Bryne
  • Make a focal point

A focal point is important to direct the view of those in the room. An interesting wall art can make people see exactly the space we want them to see. And, it can provide a different perspective on how we see the entire room.

transitional-bedroom by Claire Stevens Interior Designs
Claire Stevens Interior Designs
  • Add depth to the space

The above picture also shows that adding window shutters can add depth to the room. Yes, without the shutters, the room will be just flat and maybe, has no character at all.

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A small spare room or space in the house can present opportunity. However, if the space is small enough, we may need a careful approach to make the spare space comfortable as well as beautiful.

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