What can We do with Terrazzo Decorations?

Modern Terrazzo wallpaper blue Graham and Brown

Actually, we can do a lot with terrazzo decorations. There are lots of option in using terrazzo in out home. We can start from using real terrazzoo floor and wall. But, we also can use terrazzo decorations for smaller elements in the house.

Terrazzo can be made in various patterns. The real terrazzo comes as mix of scrapped marble and concrete. But today, we can add other materials inside to get colors and patterns that we like. And here, some inspirations in using terrazzo decoration.

We can start from small accessory like this scented candle holders. This accessory can be used as an accent decoration in any interior. From the styling, it can match rustic interior as well as modern interior. The design of this candle holder itself is already beautiful. The candle holder is also wonderful with black and white colors.

black and white terrazzo scented candle holder

  • Terrazzo hook

This is a cerreal hook made with terrazzo accent. The hook looks simple yet it must be interesting to look at. The terrazzo pattern is bold. This decoration will sure make any interior beautiful and unique to look at.

cerreall hook terrazzo Ubikubi
  • Terrazzo pendant lamps

This terrazzo pendant lamp is an interesting pendant lamp with wonderful geometric shape. The colors are also wonderful to look at. The blue, white and red are sure interesting. It seems that we can match the terrazzo pendant lamps to any interior style.

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  • Real terrazzo flooring

If many of the above accessories are not real terrazzo, this floor is a real one. This interior is large, wonderful and has large skylight. Below, terrazzo floor comes in simple white and black color. And without any rug that cover the living and dining room area, the floor looks clean and luxurious.

Furthermore, the terrazzo floor also is a great combination to the stone wall. The coarse surface of the stone wall matches nicely with the clean-looking terrazzo floor.

modern house with terrazzo floor

  • Terrazzo wallpaper

Today, there are so many terrazzo wallpaper available in the market. This material now gains more popularity than before. So, we can expect to get much better options for terrazzo wallpaper.

Modern Terrazzo wallpaper blue Graham and Brown
Graham and Brown


  • Terrazzo countertops

A colorful terrazzo countertop can be so beautiful to decorate a kitchen. The vibrant colors are refreshing while the patterns are sure beautiful.

terrazzo countertop idea

  • Terrazzo kitchen backsplash

Terrazzo kitchen backsplash is a wonderful option to use terrazzo in the home. With such beautiful pattern, cooking becomes more interesting activity.

terrazzo interior design ideas

  • Terrazzo coffee table

We can get such terrazzo coffee table in stores. Either online or offline, a terrazzo coffee table is a wonderful furniture to complement our interior.

  • Beautiful cafe bench with terrazzo

Toki Cafe Amsterdam has the seating with terrazzo. The terrazzo there is bright and is already an interior decoration by itself. And to complement the terrazzo, there are wooden furniture pieces and also dark blue flooring that make the interior looks neat and cool.

Toki Cafe Amsterdam
  • Terrazzo pots / planters

A terrazzo pot / planter is a beautiful decoration in a home. Either it is geometric or elipse in design, the terrazzo is interesting to look at. And for these terrazzo pots, we can use these in any modern or vintage interior design.

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terrazzo-floor-vases-design oval and geometric

  • Terrazzo table, stool and floor

Any surface from bathroom and kitchen countertops can use terrazzo. This kind of surface is beautiful to look at and maybe unique. A terrazzo surface offers different patterns on the smae surface.

wonderful terrazzo ideas

  • Terrazzo table lamp

A table lamp made with terrazzo pattern is wonderful. Here, the table lamp has cmall colorful patterns. But, we can always choose one with different pattern. This table lamp, is a modern one and has some industrial vibe. And there, the combination of the terrazzo and the marble-look wall is so amazing. This place as whole is simple, elegant and also calming.

wonderful -terrazzo-table-lamp-idea

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