What Colors that Work Best for Small Bedroom?


What colors that work best for small bedroom?

Actually, there are plenty, but as for small bedroom, most of us prefer bright colors over darker shades. Bright colors make small bedroom feel more spacious and is sure bright. We will need more lighting to get the same illumination in dark bedroom.

But, dark colors also have fans. And having small bedroom painted in dark is not a sin. The small bedroom can be just as beautiful as the bright and colorful counterpart.

Blue and yellow colors bedroom

This bedroom is a cheerful bedroom with vibrant wall painting. The blue in the room is quite dark but it is compensated by the bright yellow paint.

The style is quite minimalist. The wall art is large and looks so wonderful with its blue wall backdrop.

One more thing that is good about this small bedroom is, it faces a large window. So by looking directly to the outside would help to make the space feels bigger than actual.


Colorful Kids Bedroom

This kids bedroom is from IKEA. The bedroom itself is calm with its white and beige wall color. Actually, it is the accessories that make the bedroom looks so vibrant. The bed sheets are red and yellow and the cupboard is colorful.

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The furniture there is all IKEA. The bed is a bunk bed with storage. The cupboard has red, blue and lime green front wall while the bookcase is amazing in geometric style.

colorful-kids-bedroom-by IKEA

Green and coral floral-themed bedroom

This bedroom is a wonderful bedroom for a girl and is painted in greenish yellow for the wall. This color if so bright to be used in any room, big or small.

The bedding set comes in green with wonderful floral pattern. There, the stylish, eye catching touch comes from the coral-colored bedside table. The design looks simple yet chic and feels pretty luxurious.


Dark blue small bedroom idea

Despite of its limited size, the designer still painted the wall in dark blue color. The dark color there adds depth to the entire room. The ambience is calm and probably, we won’t get up fast in the morning due to its calming ambience.


Red and white small bedroom design

Red and white can be used in relatively small bedroom. This bedroom is vibrant and is bold. The ambience is not calm at all. However, the entire color combination is great and the bedroom is appealing visually.

red small bedroom design idea

Blue white small bedroom with black bed

The combination of blue and white color can be used for a small bedroom. With small portion of dark color, the bedroom is far from cramped. There, the black color is used only for the bed, adding depth to the entire design.

But, having just dark colors is not quite interesting to look at. So, table lamp shades and pillow can come in bright orange and red as accent colors.

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small kid attic bedroom design with blue wall

Dark gray and white small bedroom idea

Another dark small bedroom that looks wonderful and stil felt spacious. This room has wonderful dark gray wall in almost all side. It has only the trim, the headboard and the bed itself that make the entire room brighter. As for accessories, there’s a yellow wall art and 2 nice pencdant lamp with industrial style. And a little bit hiden, there’s a yellow decoration on the table and 2 yellow photo frames too.


Purple kid bedroom with bed with trundle

This kids bedroom is astonishing. The purple color is still bright to look at. Having vertical stripes in white helps a lot to ake the bedroom more spacious than the original.

And here in this small kid bedroom, practicality seems everything with the use of multifunction furniture.


Anywhere, small bedroom owners are advised to use calm and bright colors for wall painting. However, the darkcolored bedrooms there can be so amazing too.

It seems that it is not about the color that make the bedroom feel cramped or not. It is the use of the appropriate color combination that makes the small bedroom feels cramped or not.

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