What Not To Do When Organizing a House

how to declutter a house

What not to do when organizing a house ?

There are a lots of tips on how to organizing your space. However, Nicole Anzia from neatnik.org has a different approach. Rather than telling what we should do, that can be so many, She tells us what not to do when organizing a home.

According to Nicole, there are 5 misssteps that can derail even the most vigorous effort to decluttering the house.

These 5 missteps are common but will set us back from our goal.

Buy after organize

After we have enough comprehending what needs to be done, we can start to buy storage, bins and other. Not all, but a few at the start.

Never ever buy before we have complete understanding of what we need. Where to put a bin and so on. The Container Store can be so interesting. But we need to walk through the entire room. We don’t want to have extra bins cluttered the space and we just wonder where or how to use the bins.

how to declutter a house

Don’t try to finish everything in a day

It is better to span the organizing in days. We need to keep our focus and keep our spirit too. Don’t be exhausted just in the process just because we want anything to be completed in a day. Work for 2 or 3 hours in a day or in a project.

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Completing each task completely

If we already tag our stuff as stuffs for donation, to be givebn to a friend for for sale. Put everything in place. And, do not wait. Do not keep donation items in the house again. We need to make arrangement where to drop the donation. This commitment is so important so we don’t take back anything we want to clean.

Yes, it happens all the time but again, once that thing goes back to us, we are not going to use it anymore. Just as before. It’s going to clutter the house, again.

What not to do when organizing a house

Rome is not built in a day

There’s a process there. So, when we find that we need to deal with cluttering items again in a month just after the decluttering process, don’t worry. It is normal to manage incoming and outgoing items. However, we have de-cluttering our space before that this one in not worst than the previous.

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Good enough is enough

The fact about organizing a space is not like what it is show on the internet. The perfect, decluttered interior was specifically made and organized by professional. For advertising purpose (mostly). So, We won’t be able to keep everything so organized like that.

Perfection is not our goal. But we need to make our space works well for our needs.

See the below bedroom for example. We won’t find anything that is not neat there. But just imagine if such furniture with its arrangement is owned by a girl. She has a very long dress. how would she keep it? Fold the dress and put it in the small wardrobe?.

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Actually, we are human and have a special need. The kid who owned this bedroom may have a big train toy that can clutter his entire room.

So, good enough is enough.


In the internet, there are tips for organizing spaces. But the list of what to do can be so overwhelming. However, avoiding the common and the most disappointing mistakes would be a true benefit.

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