What Popular Styles for Interior Designs?

wonderful eclectic living room idea

So, what popular styles for interior designs? there are many but we can mention some of the most popular here.

There are Scandinavian style interior. eclectic interior and a few others.

However, do not use this list of pupolar style interior designs as a must use guide on decorating your interior.

scandinavian dining room idea

We may use the combination of these styles according to our taste. Just decorate your interior the way you like. But still, we post some most popular interior decoration styles here in case someone wants to know about these styles.

The design is inspired by fjords and the snow mantled peaks of mountains in Nordic countries. This style is now quite popular. The styling is mostly dominated by white color. Well, some Scandinavian interior designed in the early 2000 may be cold enough.

But, today’s designer add some warmth and welcoming elements inside. This can be wood or other that can cheerish the interior.

scandinavian bedroom idea
  • Eclectic interior style

It is about bringing something we like in the room and have a mix and fun with that. The style is far from elegant and closer to vintage and rustic style.

This living room below is the one that makes us feel that it is more like a living room for everyday use.

wonderful eclectic living room idea
  • Industrial style interior design

The interior with industrial style has brass and bricks exposed. It is about exposing raw material and can make the room feels cold. So, we need something to soften the style and make it a little bit warmer. We can use statement lamps, wall arts and others with vibrant style in the industrial interior.

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industrial-style-bedroom Photographee.eustock.adobe.com
  • Vintage style interior design

Vintage style does not mean to be old. Vintage can be versatile. We can use vintage furniture in bold, visible way in an interior. This vintage furniture can be used to soften other new furniture style.

FANTASY-Bathroom-vintage A by Amara
  • Minimalist interior design

As the name suggest, minimalist style is the style that won’t distract from simplicity. Instead of colors and bold shape, empty space is the one that makes the statement there.

Earthen-Luxe-Cushions minimalist seating design Amara
  • Mid century modern style interior design

It is a style that we can associate with the modern style of 50 and 60. There are green and blue colors besides strong characters of furniture pieces. It is the style that we can use any retro accessories and furniture pieces.

Mid century modern style interior design Amara
  • Coastal interior design

It is about setting the interior in brezzy and light ambiance. It is also an interior with coastal theme physically. So we will find light fabrics, sky blue accessories or even some navy blue color accents.

Coastal interior design Amara
  • Contemporary interior style

Contemporary style is the most recent style. It continuously changes as the time pass. What can be recent today can be old in two years. So, the contemporary design for the next 2 years can be so different from today.

But when this article is written, this contemporary bedroom is a cool one. It comes with amazing white and black wall colors. The impression is calm and an interior that looks bold and firm. There, adding accent to the black wall is necesarry. The bronze looking table lamp is a great color accent to the black wall.

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Contemporary interior style Amara

Interior styles can be different. However, we can have our own preference. Interior design is about making any room comfortable and beautiful. Especially for our taste. So, although focusing on one style can help us to design the interior better, we still can have options for more.

However, usually when a room or interior has been decorated, we can clearly say what style the iinterior has.

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