What to Consider Before Buying Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets (RTA)

white brown kitchen cabinets design

RTA or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are bargain compared to any kitchen set from factory. We buy the cabinetry in pieces an assemble ourshelves. The cabinet as w hole cost less and the assembly process usually is easy. And now, the precission of the pieces are getting better.

However there are still some things to consider when we are ready to buy the RTA cabinets.

white brown kitchen cabinets design

“Ready to Assemble” can be self explanatory. These cabinets are sewn, or cut and are completed with the necesarry things to assembles. The holes are already there as well as the blots and nuts and, the tools required.

The finishes, the paint and the look are already as advertised. The parts are then shipped to our home. In some countries, there are RTA stores that don’t sell their products online. At least not for all of their products.

The advantages for having the RTA is the low cost. The quality of the RTA usually is good for famous brands. However, it is also possible to get top notch RTA online.

  • Low cost

Since we have to assemble the cabinets ourshelves, the price of the cabinets is quite low. There will be less cost for the company to assemble the products.

  • “Compact” package

Well, if every part is can be stacked, the storage space for the furniture is minimum. It can gives us some benefit like the cabinets ships with relativelly low cost. And, the storage space for the cabinets when are not assembled is quite small too.

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What to Consider Before Buying Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets (RTA)

  • Where to get RTA products

There are a lots of RTA suppliers. Some are very famous worldwide. Some give only very high quality RTS to specialized customers, designers and decorators.

Some of the RTA suppliers / companies:

  • IKEA

The design from the IKEA is attractive. This brand is now famous in a few continents. Their product range also from pretty classic into contemporary style.

If you want to get more, there are lots of IKEA Hacks around the internet. Witch such hack, the furniture pieces become more useful and more interesting.

modern IKEA kitchen cabinets
  • Mill’s Pride

DIYers knows this brand really well. The sell their cabinets recently on home depot only.

The good news about RTA brands is, Consumer Reports have tested that Cabinets from IKEA and Mill’s Pride withstood their wear test better than some expensive units.

Mill's Pride wooden cabinets idea
Mill’s Pride
  • Scherr’s Cabinet and Doors

It is known as a supplier of quality RTA cabinets and also known as a place for “one stop shopping.”

wonderful wooden cabinets by Scherr's Cabinet and Doors
Scherr’s Cabinet and Doors
  • CabParts

  • ComponentPlus

These two brands are known for frameless cabinet boxes well known for builders. And, these company also claim that they sell only to “industry professionals.”

  • Walzcraft

  • Keystone Wood Specialties

  • Decore-ative Specialties

These 3 companies make high quality doors, drawers and drawer fronts and face frames. Also, they are know for high quality moldings.

These last companies also claim to sell their products to preffesionals only.

modern IKEA cabinets
  • Drawer Box Specialties (DBS)

This company seels drawers in design and materials far from your imagination.

cool wooden DBS drawers
  • Is it difficult to assemble RTA cabinets?

For the first timer, maybe. But once we have completed a project, we’ll get to know more how to do it. And for those who like to use IKEA products, they say thet IKEA is quite easy to assemble.

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RTA cabinets are easy to get and are quite practical. In fact, RTA cabinets from IKEA and Mill’s Pride can withstand normal usage for long years. The durability of the two brands sometimes better than the more expensive brands.

And with the cool designs they offers, RTA cabinets can become easy choice for howeowner looking for quality products.

wonderful wooden kitchen cabinets idea

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