What to Consider in Teen Bedroom Design?

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Some people ask about what to consider in teen bedroom design? Actually there are a lot but we have some here.

Teen’s life has evolved from the younger counterpart. The desk now becomes even more important. Doing homework is done with the desk as well as dressing. So, there are somany task that would be done from the desk.

And lucky for us, the requirements for a desk today may not be as extensive as it used to be. We have change some boojs and magazines with laptops and tables. We also have slim laptop compare to the much bigger PC in the early 2000s.

However, a good desk is still very important and lots of storage is still needed.

wonderful teen bedroom tips for using good desk www.houseofvalentina
  • Teen bedroom tips – bedroom with beautiful storage

Often, a teen bedroom is still the same bedroom used when children. While the design can be updated into a more grown up design, the toys and accessorries may stay with the owners. Teen will no longer touch some toys but can keep some of them too.

So, the storage and organization becomes important here. We need to keep the toys in a neat place. And, the storage should be cheerful and vibrant too instead of only neat.

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Teen would still appreciates vibrant bedroom and space. So, this teen pink (coral) bedroom is a great example. The bedroom comes in white color and has brick style wallpaper. The furniture looks pretty simple and classic. The storage, comes in wooden shelves and various storage boxes. The ones on the shelves are lime green and white, perforated. Others are beautiful storage baskets with vibrant coral color.

Teen bedroom tips use chic storage AdobeStock
  • Teen bedroom tricks – blackboard paints, storage and lights

Having a neutral bedroom for children can be beneficial. The neutral color grows with the children themshelves. Once they are teen, a blackboard paint would be an advantage to keep the style in neutral ambiance.

The bedding set may change as well as the furniture. But the blackboard wall can expand its lifetime much longer.

However, we still need to add the bedroom with something cool too. Good lightings and good storage would make the the teen bedroom feels comfortable to use.

cool black teen bedroom with lighting restorationhardware
  • Teen bedroom tips – Make a custom furniture

Armchair with school uniform upholstery is a cool way to make the teen bedroom looks wonderful. If it is possible, we can integrate the school uniform into furniture or other pices.

Such custom furniture would make the bedroom looks unique and full of personality.

Custom teen bedroom with custom school sport uniform armchair Sarah-Burghard
  • what to consider in teen bedroom design? – Use monochrome color for timeless design

Monochrome design is a great way to make a bedroom looks timeless. It is also easy to match the color with vibrant colors. We can use the color for furniture and accessories instead of painting the wall in monochrome.

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The designer completed this tween bedroom with black and white shelving. A cool color choise that also accepts and contains pink accessories.

And if we talk about the accessories, the black ladder looks fenomenal. It is pure dark yet is so enchating.

cool monochrome tween bedroom idea

  • Teenager bedroom tips – go theme-less

A theme has only short life span. Yes, a Donald Duck bedroom wouldn’t last until the child grows to 6 or 7. His / her taste will change a lot and so is teenager.

What to Consider in Teen Bedroom Design? kids teen bedroom tips in neutral color
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An easy way is to decorate a kid’s bedroom in non-theme style and add accessories according to the age. A child bedroom can accept colorful bedding but a teen bedroom would be fine with sporty bedding. No one would use the Donald Duck bedding at 17 right? And the bedding itself has already gone somewhere.

Cool teen bedroom with neutral style and colors
Miranda Vedral

Bedroom for teenager is a bedroom for many activitites. the design should be active and timeless as well. And the option would be making the bedroom neutral and add some vibrant accents later.

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