What to do with Small Outdoor Space?


Small outdoor space

We, actually can do a lot with small outdoor space. We can make small outdoor space feels bigger. We don’t need to have big land to make the outdoor space comfortable. It is not all about the size. Some are about functions that flow nicely in an intriguing outdoor design.

Small garden seating

Small but lush garden can be so warmth and cozy with intimate seating.  Pick a light gray furniture for garden along with some stone steps. The harmony between the color of the furniture and the green would make the space cozy and entertaining.

small-outdoor-space-garden-design-with marble-iron-outdoor-table-hoefer

Picking the right color of furniture may also be the key of the design. In a garden with traditional vibe, a sleek, modern furniture may hardly fit. However, a traditional wooden furniture with natural wood color or the one painted in gray may fit much better.

However, it seems that it is also important to define the patio for the small outdoor space.

Small balcony design

Small balcony of an apartment doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable. This balcony shows that setting some bold accessories make the space warmth. If you like to turn the balcony into a seating area, it is better to use decorative furniture like slim wooden chair and perforated table.


Also, don’t forget that small plants with planters can make the space / the balcony feels fresh. Do we always need plant? Yes, and why not? As for different balcony style, classic to sleek and modern, there are always plants and planters that can match nicely.

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Use transformable furniture

As it is known, transformable furniture makes adaptation easy. Small space needs furniture that can adapt to various needs.


We can try furniture that provides table when needed. And, we can make the table collapse when needed too.

Use vertical design

Vertical design is a wonderful way to start wonderful outdoor space, especially for the small ones. The vertical setting would be easily visible from anywhere. Also, you can try to make the planters of your vertical garden bright enough.

Try to use yellow or even red colors if it is possible. The result would be a warmth and inviting space to sit and relax. Also, wonderful focal point in such limited space.


Other than palnters, we also can use wood accessory, bamboo trees or anything else that dominates the space vertically.

Use screen for the small space

Screen does not provide privacy only. The screen can also be the part of the decorations. The screen also can define your patio space and hides anything you want to hide.

small garden design from lowe

Put fountain in small outdoor space

Fountain has clear function in a small space. We can feel the difference. Small space can be peaceful and more beautiful with fountain.

small garden design ideas with fountain

Fountain can be cheaper than any other water feature like waterfall. We also do not need to purchase new fountain. We also can make DIY fountain from virtually anything.

Maximize the space between walls

The space between 2 homes are often forgotten. This space may not have appropriate design and looks. Most of the time, such space is long and narrow. But it is still a useful space. One or two pieces of outdoor furniture are great to turn the space into a comfi living space.

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We may also need to plant wonderful small vegetations there. These small trees don’t have to be to be too thick and tall. What we weed might be just some green and fresh surrounding instead of a lush garden.

Small outdoor space’s design can be maximized to elevate the entire design of the house. There are so many other ways to do this other than some that have been mentioned above. But, the point is, small space can be a hidden gems once we make it beautiful. We don’t have to have big land to enjoy the breeze and sun in our outdoor area.


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