What types of blinds are there ?

What types of blinds are there ?


Blinds give you unparalleled freshness and protection in your home or business. They are able to give you privacy, protect you from the sun’s rays and even reduce the temperature inside the space. However, many people are unaware of all the types of blinds that exist. Do you want to know them? Keep reading.

The types of blinds tailored for your space
The utility of the blind is simply spectacular. In areas where high temperatures are common, this object is essential. Therefore, we invite you to know, below, the main types that exist (although there are many more). What type suits what you need? Find out!

1. Venetian or horizontal

It is one of the most common models in spaces. They can be combined with all kinds of decorations, facades, blinds, curtains … They are made of wood, aluminum or PVC. One of their advantages is that, like other models, they allow you to control the light that enters the home, while also achieving great practicality. By buying blinds of this type, you will be able to control the air circulation perfectly.

2. Roller shutter

They are the most chosen by builders, designers and, of course, families. Their versatility makes them an option to consider, and their subsequent maintenance is really low. They are also very useful to block the entry of sunlight into the home, so that all the furniture and interior objects will be perfectly protected. When they are collected, the feeling of order is high, in addition to the fact that the enclosure is total. If what you want is to buy blinds of this style, remember that they are good companions for your home and in any type of window, whether it is a business or home.

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3. Alicante blinds

Surely you have ever seen an authentic Alicante blind. Although they can be made of various materials, those made of wood are the most common. They provide a traditional and original touch to the space, they are even installed in gardens (pergolas or terraces), businesses and large terraces. They also stand out for their high functionality.

Thanks to these blinds, the entry of light into the space can be adjusted to suit the person. In summer they are widely used, as they can ensure that the interior of the spaces is protected from high temperatures. It is widely used in coastal areas, in the Mediterranean.

4. Pleated

Their strong point is their aesthetics, in addition to the fact that they exist in different colors and designs. Of course, their maintenance can be high, since they are considered really delicate, especially when raising or lowering them (they are not recommended for homes with the elderly or children). One of the most important doubts that exist about the pleated is its operation, which is based on two profiles, upper and lower, by which the material collects on itself.

5. Vertical

They are made up of strips that are hanging and can be moved from top to bottom. They provide great privacy, being the best option for large windows or doors, including as a solution for businesses. They are functional as well as inexpensive.


Where to install this type of blinds?
Beyond homes, custom blinds can be installed outdoors on terraces or even businesses. In recent years, as new models have emerged, they have spread to new places.

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For example, a roller blind is usually installed in homes of all kinds, especially in areas where it is not very windy. In addition, they can be installed indoors, being increasingly valued in new and spacious homes. The intimate touch they provide, in addition to protection, is key to being highly demanded.

Without hesitation, Alicante blinds are the clear protagonists of outdoor spaces, such as terraces or gardens. They are used to protect a space from the sun’s rays, but in recent years thousands of businesses have opted for them, also, for aesthetics. Made of wood and in different colors or designs, they are ideal to provide a style without comparison. You can bet on them for pergolas or fences, since they give the necessary privacy you need.

As for the Venetian, many of them are installed on ceilings or on the wall, inside the house. In many offices or businesses, if you want privacy and avoid intrusive glances from the outside, they are an option to take into account. At puntogar.com there are professionals who advise you so that you can learn about the different uses of these and other blinds.
There are different types of blinds, which can be installed in various spaces. Beyond what we all think, the installation in homes, many of these custom blinds are also installed in businesses or outdoor terraces. If you wanted to buy blinds, now you already know all the information

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