Wonderful Dining Room Ideas In Classic Style

wonderful pastel blue yellow dining room and classic cupboard

These wonderful dining room ideas are beautiful dining rooms in classic style. These are so inspiring as well as fun when in use.

These dining rooms are so amazing and all come in classic style. These dining room are also timeless and some even come in pastel color, defying its old-school style. And, these kitchens now become so awesome, interesting and also look functional and comfortable. And now, let see these beautiful kitchens and use some as the source of inspiration.

Green and blue colors are “analogous color” acording to a color wheel. These colors are relaxing and calm. The blue is used for the dining table’s legs and floor while the green is painted on the hutch. However, the table top is still in natural wood color making the ambiance is warmth.

And apart from the colors, the accessories are also wonderful. There is a window seating with long cushioned bench that looks comfortable. The windows themshelves are cool and come with brown painting for the frames. Furthermore, the ceiling looks high enough making the dining room looks fresh.

amazing classic dining room storage with sage cupboard

  • Vintage dining room with wall accesorries

This kitchen is a wonderful kitchen with lots of antique-looking furniture and accessories. The wooden wall art is not only beautiful but also realy meaningful.

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amazing vintage dining room idea wall accessory

  • Warmth dark dining room idea

This dining room is an amazing one with so classic style and dark color. It is a timeless kitchen and a beautiful one. There, the furniture pieces and the accessories are so wonderful. The pendant lamps come with vintage-styled shades with mix of dark gray and brass colors. The dining table has X-shaped legs and looks very sturdy. The candle holder / lantern is a collectible item and the storage is an open shelves type storage.

And as for the storage, the open shelves enable the owner to display anything on the shelves as decoration.

classic dining room storage idea

  • Vintage modern dining room with recessed storage shelves

This dining room is a bright dining room with recessed storage that are used to display things. The dining table itself is a relatively large. The dining chairs are wonderful with wicker seating. There, the dining is wonderfully defined by a classic rug. AAnd as for the open shelves, the open shelves flank a cool fireplace and are used to display decorative items.

classic dining room storage with built-in shelves zeroenergy.com


  • Farmhous-style dining room with pastel colors

This dining room is a beautiful one with farmhouse style. The ambiance is airy and fresh. The dining room itself is bright and features decorative ceiling with visible beams.

The main furniture, the dining table is simple but is decorated with amazing candle holders and candles in pink color. The chairs are vintage and come with striped backrest upholstery in white and soft pink colors.

Actualy, everything in the dining room is wonderful. The corner wall lamp is enchating and the green doors also are awesome. The storage is mountede on the wall and is used display collectible porcelains. Moreover, the chandelier is delicate and comes as wonderful floral-shaped chandelier in green and purple colors.

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classic romantic dining room storage design wall mounted

  • Classy classic dining room with mid century-styled hutch

This dining room is a classy one and comes in classic white color. There, the furniture is made of wood and makes the dining room warmth and enchanting. The dining table is in dark wood color but the hutch has lighter wood color. This hutch has beautiful front with contrast color and styles. There are white open shelves type storage and two brown cabinets with wires for the front side. The colors and the look of the wire and open shelves create a wonderful contrast as well as beautiful harmony.

classy classic dining room with ornate chandelier

  • Pastel blue yellow dining room and classic hutch

This kitchen is a deviation from modern style. The kitchen is made is classic look butthe colors used are contemporary. This kitchen is a mix of recent trend in color with timeless 50s era design.

From the bottom to the top, this kitchen is beautiful. The floor is covered with rug in a few patterns and colors combination. The dining table is simple in white. But, the dining chairs come in pastel blue painting with rattan seating. The hutch is in pastel yellow color and looks so stylish.

And to make the space even more connected, the chandelier comes in pastel blue and yellow colors too. Both with similar shade to the dining chairs and the hutch.

wonderful pastel blue yellow dining room and classic cupboard

Classic dining room today doesn’t have to be old looking. We still can add some splash of colors and still can get the timeless look and appeal.

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