Wonderful Kitchens Design Ideas

Bold kitchen with light countertop Kim-Stephen-www.kimstephen

Kitchen is a center of a houseThis is the place where we gather for breakfast and dinner. Also, this is the place for doing homeworks for kids. A kitchen is a multifunction space. So, making the space beautiful and functional can be great for entire family.

This kitchen is an amazing one with airy ambiance. The color is quite soft and the counter is dark. This kitchen was designed to be an easy place for party too.

open kitchen plan by Humphrey Munson
Humphrey Munson
  • Industrial style kitchen design idea

This kitchen is an amazing one with industrial style. The countertop is white and the cabinet is also in light color. It is like green and gray combination in calm shade.

The floor is dark in wood color and add some character to the kitchen. Furthermore, it is the bright copper canisters bring wonderful accent to the kitchen.

industrial kitchen design idea www.smittenstudioonline
  • Bold kitchen with light countertop

This kitchen is for a family living in Cape Town, South Africa. The design does not mean to be bold. The kitchen is made with open kitchen style and carara marble backsplash.

The color itself is known as Monsoon Lagoon and it looks so wonderful. However, the kitchen is not meant to be bold. So, the countertop is made in white color making the look of the kitchen is quite light.

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Bold kitchen with light countertop Kim-Stephen-www.kimstephen
  • Calm kitchen with warmth touch

This kitchen is wonderful and is calming in design. The color is close to pewter color in cool shade and the lighter gray. In the cool shade too. However, there are some oak wood parts used for the kitchen. The table comes with wooden tabletop. The range hood is brown and the ceiling alsi is made of wood. This small touch however counteract the calm and cool ambiance.

warmth yet calm kitchen design www.neptune
  • Vintage 50s style kitchen design

This kitchen is cool and so inspiring. Everything in this kitchen is so well tought and placed carefully. The kitchen is warmth, enchanting and seems to be so much fun using the kitchen.

The table and chairs are classic. The ceiling lamp is black and so gorgeous to look at. Moreover, this lamp is hanged low enough on the table, making the lamp as a center of attention.

wonderful vintage modern kitchen design

  • Luxury kitchen with subtle design that blends with its background

This kitchen is so subtle yat realy luxurious in design. The marble backsplash frame this space nicely and elegantly.

The storage cabinets are smooth and look easily blend with the background wall. There, there’s a warmth touch that comes from the wooden dining table. Also, there’s a chandelier that brings the luxury ambiance.

luxury, clean looking kitchen design Marie-Laure Helmkampf, photographed by Nicolas Matheus
Marie-Laure Helmkampf, photo by Nicolas Matheus
  • Simple bold blue kitchen design

This kitchen is an amazing one that comes bold in its simplicity. The blue color is dark and the wall also is painted in the same color. So, both wall and the cabinets can blend easily in the room.

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But instead just the blending, the blue color also easily highlight the white countertops and the white window’s frame.

inspiring Dark blue kitchen design

  • Dark painted modern kitchen with rustic touch

Painted kitchen with dark color is timeless kitchen. White and dark color are both timeless. And there, the dark painted kitchen island seems preferable to add depth and character to the room.

And besides the dark, there’s also some rustic style accent in this kitchen too. At the appliance, a large wooden beam is used to decorate the room combined with pure black countertops and exhaust pipe.

soft-looking painted kitchen idea www.humphreymunson.co.uk

Kitchen is an important space in the house. It is the space for entire family. So, having a nice and fully functional kitchen is important.

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