Wonderful Patio Designs Worth Thousands of Words


A Patio will always be a comfy space to enjoy outdoor. There are some simple patios made as paved backyard into some really beautiful ones.

And here, we have some wonderful example of designing a good patio.

Beautiful patio design with desert style



This patio design is a wonderful fit for a desert home. From the color to the texture of the surface. The design is made to match the tan color of the sand and stones. There, big cactus plant can be great addition to the patio and entire garden. Judging from the round outdoor seating, this patio is large enough. So, the details do not have to be too delicate. Big stones can be used to fill corners and almost any space.

Beach-side patio


There’s noting better than having patio like this if you have a beach house. The delicate fabric roof as w hole looks more like sail of a boat. So charming. Also, the 3 pieces roof half cover the sitting area while also half transmit the sun light to this outdoor dining area.

The materials used in this patio also support the entire relaxing and natural ambiance. The stone brick wall looks amazing while the wooden post and the wicker chairs are so natural.

This patio is a great addition to the beach house and would make anyone sit there without ever wanted to leave the space anymore.

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Traditional garden patio by the pool


A traditional mansion house is still a great place for a patio to be built. This house seems really large, comes in classic style and so is the patio. It is large with garden next to it and pool at a few distance. The screen roof is not meant for shading. However, the styling is awesome. It brings a rustic ambiance to the entire outdoor area.

Sparkling wooden patio with lamps and stone fireplace


This large wooden patio is a special place to enjoy outdoors and especially, at night. The ambiance is so peaceful and the perforated roof is meant to enjoy stars at nights. The patio has nice stone fireplace and an outdoor BBQ area to further making any night memorable.

Such patio is large and has wonderful, colorful pavers. This patio itself is large. However, it can be built in not so large garden like the above. We could recreate this patio area, with ita all accessory and furniture pieces in relatively smaller space.


Either day or night, it is a great patio to relax. The dark color of the furniture and the pergola above make the place cozy and relaxing. The fireplace is large and has 3 burners.

Hilltop garden patio and pergola


For some who are lucky enough having a home on the hill, the patio can be built just at the right spot to enjoy the view. It is an amazing hilltop garden patio setting that would be great to use at day or night.

The pavement itself actually is simple with rectangular design. It seems that the pavement is made of concrete as well as the pole.

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But atop the pole, a dark wooden shade really make the entire pergola looks awesome. It is dark and white. And the combination is carried throughout the furniture with boats natural, calm color of dark brown and white. And there, the vines really help to connect the wooden top with the green plants and flower garden at the bottom.

It is a beautiful patio as a whole. Wonderful one that make the day vibrant as well as relaxing.

Small patio with pergola, shower and fire pit


Not having enough time to build cool, large patio? Well, it seems to be the answer. The patio itself is a simple patio with roof and a sofa set. At the rear, the patio features an outdoor shower. At one side, a little bit adjacent to the patio, there’s a gas powered fire pit with round shape.

There, the setting for the entire garden itself also looka pretty simple. The walkway has large pavers while the wall is covered with plants.

Small winter patio design

Ken Fulk

Patio can be made as amazing space for relaxing. Such space would be perfect for day or night. Also, there are some patio that is designed for winter. So, anything you want for for patio, it could be accomplished.

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